Best Feminine Hygiene Practices Every Woman Should Follow

Posted on Aug 08, 2018 by Swati Chadha

Vaginal hygiene is extremely significant to maintain a natural pH balance that in turn keeps any bacterial infections at bay. Observing basic hygiene practices, having a balanced diet, and opting for the right clothing (cotton and breathable) are some of the ways to maintain vaginal hygiene. Specially formulated cleansers which are refreshing as well as mild, unscented, and chemical-free.

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Ensuring Postpartum Period is a Joyful Experience for Every Woman

Posted on Apr 03, 2018 by Swati Chadha

Joys of motherhood are overwhelming for every woman. The post-partum period is the most crucial time for both the mother and the newborn. While a mother bonds with the new born, she also grapples with several hormonal, physical and emotional changes.

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Vaginal Yeast Infection - Treatment and Remedies

Posted on Apr 02, 2018 by Swati Chadha

A vagina is home to several bacteria and fungus. Yeast (a kind of fungus) also lives in the vagina in small numbers. Lactobacillus bacteria keeps a check on the growth of the yeast in the vagina.

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Post-Lumpectomy Breast Forms: Restore Your Natural Self and Feel

Posted on Apr 02, 2018 by Swati Chadha

Lumpectomy refers to the surgical removal of the tumor (the ‘lump’) and some of the normal tissue that surrounds it. It is less invasive especially when compared to a full mastectomy. So, it is termed as a ‘breast conserving’ or ‘breast preservation’ surgery.

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Ways to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 by Swati Chadha

Dysmenorrhea, a condition that marks painful menstruation, is often witnessed by adolescent girls and women of reproductive age. One begins to experience these symptoms with the onset of menstruation or a little earlier and they typically last for around three days.

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Grow Happier and Healthier with Age

Posted on Dec 10, 2017 by Swati Chadha

Aging and its effects are inevitable. However, a conscious effort to resort to healthy practices can ensure a stable physical and emotional health in his/her declining years.

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A Guide to Detox Your Body

Posted on Nov 29, 2017 by Ashima Goyal Siraj

You get detox juices and smoothies in cafes and detox salads in restaurants. The internet is full of detox recipe. But does eating one detox salad or drinking a detox smoothie mean you are done?

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The Top 4 Best Selling Female Incontinence Products

Posted on Nov 15, 2017 by Swati Chadha

Female incontinence is a manageable condition through lifestyle changes, medication, and use of right products. Women using these products continue leading a normal and active life.

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10 Simple Foot Care Practices for Healthy Feet

Posted on Sep 14, 2017 by Ashima Goyal Siraj

Just a little care for good foot health will help keeping away common foot problems like cracked heels, sores, infections and pains. While you must take time to pamper your feet once in a while most of these home foot care practices require very little time.

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Acid Reflux - Symptoms and Common causes

Posted on Aug 22, 2017 by Ashima Goyal Siraj

Heartburn. Just the word takes me back to the time when heartburn was almost a constant companion with me. If you have ever experienced a burning sensation crawling up from the stomach to your throat along with mild or severe chest pain then you know what I am talking about.

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