Panty Girdles

Panty girdles are high-waist comfortable panties or tights designed to reign in and smooth out your tummy, shape your waistline, and tone your bottom and thighs. These garments provide firm support and work hard to tuck in everything from your tummy down to your thighs while being elegant enough to wear with a short dress. Shop panty girdles made of soft and stretch fabric in various sizes and fashionable colors from our top manufacturers like Anita International, QT Intimates, etc.


Types of Panty Girdles

On the basis of the area covered by panty girdles, there are three types of panty girdles:

  • High Waist: High waist panty girdles are designed to shape the tummy and buttock area.
  • Long Leg: Longleg panty girdles are designed to shape and smooth the tummy, and outline the leg and buttock area.
  • Ankle Length: Ankle length panty girdles are designed to provide targeted compression from the abdomen to the ankle.