Selecting a Breast Form

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Post mastectomy, a lot many women want to hold off on breast reconstruction surgery or not have it at all. Then the next, automatic step for them becomes scouting around for breast prosthesis. This is a breast form which is worn inside your bra or bathing suit and gives the look of a natural breast. It works wonders for your confidence and therefore, some research is required into the types available before opting for one. The variety available can sometimes be overwhelming for you!

Types of post-mastectomy breast forms

Mastectomy breast forms come in different shapes and sizes and in varied material. Some breast forms are weighted while others are not. They can either be slipped into a sewn-in bra pocket or attached to the skin using an adhesive patch. There are also some breast forms with a magnet attached to the adhesive patch which is then affixed to another magnet positioned at the back of the prosthesis. This is ideal when you want to go bra-less.

Amoena Bra Pockets Amoena Fiberfill Post-Surgical Form
Amoena Bra Pockets Amoena Fiberfill Post-Surgical Form

Mastectomy breast form material

So what should you look for in terms of material when buying breast forms for mastectomy patients? You want the lightweight foam/fiberfill or the more permanent silicone gel breast form?

There is the foam/fiberfill breast form which is soft and light. These are generally used immediately after mastectomy because they are spongy and therefore, soothing on the skin. Foam breast forms or fiberfill breast forms can be machine washed and are cheaper in cost. They provide shape to the bosom but are not as close to being natural like the silicone gel prosthesis. However, they are good for temporary wear or when you go swimming because they dry faster.

Mastectomy silicone gel breast forms

Silicone gel prostheses are heavier in comparison and have the feel, droop, weight and texture of a natural breast. The Amoena Essential Light 2S symmetrical breast form is a good example of a form being closest to the weight of natural tissue. These mastectomy silicone breast forms are more resistant to damage and long-lasting - could last anywhere from two to five years.

Cost wise, silicone breast prosthesis is more expensive than a foam breast form. The price range for such a form varies depending on the look and quality. Silicone breast forms which closely resemble the natural breast in terms of color, feel and touch are more costly. These are hand-washable only.

And, there are more options here. Would you like the opaque flesh-like breast form after mastectomy or clear gel breast prosthesis? Which skin and nipple tones would match you the best? The choices are many but, at the same time, all of them cannot be worn when going swimming.

Separate swim/exercise mastectomy breast forms are available, too. These make useful mastectomy breast forms for swimming. Some of them are based on ComfortPlus technology which handle perspiration and keep you dry.

How to choose the right Mastectomy Breast Form?

Post mastectomy breast forms are either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The symmetrical type can be worn on both sides of the chest and comes in oval, teardrop, heart shape and triangular shapes. Trulife E Supreme breast form is a symmetrical teardrop shape that matches the natural line of the breast. Classique’s 748 triangle post mastectomy silicone breast form can be worn on both sides and has a natural looking nipple and areola.

The asymmetrical type can be worn either on the left or the right side but not on both. An example is the Anita Care Active Asymmetric lightweight breast form which is also ideal for water activities.

There are forms available for those who have had lumpectomy or partial breast removal. Trulife Harmony silk teardrop form is tapered at the top extension and suitable for those who have had some tissue removed from under the arm or towards the clavicle.

What size breast forms should I get?

An important point to keep in mind whenbuying your breast form is to ensure you get the right size. Your comfort and confidence depends on wearing the right size. Most women do a good research of the products available before making their purchase because a lot of the vendors do not have refund policy on mastectomy breast forms. You can check out a size chart relevant to many of the top manufacturers.

There is also the option of consulting a professional fitter who would ensure that you have picked the correct shape and size and come home with the right fit!


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