Chemotherapy Hair Loss: 5 Ways To Cope with It

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Chemotherapy has its own set of side effects and repercussions, one of the most visible is hair loss. For decades, scientists have been trying to find ways to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

While there are drugs that can help prevent hair loss, they are very expensive and not covered by most insurance companies. This leaves the majority of cancer patients to deal with hair loss. However, there are some precautionary steps that can help you cope with or, in some cases, even avoid hair loss.

5 Ways to Cope With Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Once you have been prescribed chemotherapy, there will inevitably be hair loss over the treatment period. Here are five ways to keep the physical and psychological symptoms at a minimum:

1. Knowledge is power

Talk to your doctor about hair loss during chemotherapy. Since everyone reacts differently to chemotherapy, your healthcare team may not be able to tell you when and how hair loss may occur, but they can suggest coping strategies.

2. Head Scarfs and Caps

Try a cooling cap to help reduce the risk of complete hair loss. You can also investigate wearing a headscarf or a cap to not only conceal gradual hair loss but also add to your level of confidence. There are many elegant and beautiful headscarves available to make the wearer feel stylish. They also protect the scalp from further damage from dust and pathogens and can also reduce the chances of complete hair loss. Ask your doctor for recommendations of material type and fit of a scarf or cap.

3. Try a New Do

Go for a new look. Have your hair professionally cut short so that any immediate loss of hair doesn’t spring up on you suddenly. Ask your hair stylist for tips on hair and scalp care. A healthy scalp can prevent total hair loss.

4. Explore Wigs

Years ago, wigs were in high fashion. Later on, they became synonymous with cancer treatment. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and many people now wear wigs for both hair loss and fashion. A wonderful way to combat the impact of chemotherapy is to start experimenting with wigs before any hair loss begins. Trying different styles or wigs can help with not only the physical but also the psychological impact of chemotherapy side effects.

5. Talk To Your Family and Friends

Our loved ones play a huge supporting role during cancer treatment and its symptoms. Talking to them about it will not only ease its impact on your mind but will also give you a sense of confidence and security.

Staying Confident and Positive After Chemotherapy

There are many ways to cope with hair loss, but the onus ultimately falls on you. Treat yourself to a new pair of earrings or a dress from your favorite store. Wear your favorite shoes and put on makeup to highlight your beautiful features. Combating hair loss is partially physical and partially psychological. When your psychological self is strong, your physical self will follow.

We can never underestimate the difficulty of coping with hair loss, but the courage and confidence required are what make you the fighter that you are. So, go out there and play to your strengths. Don’t let meager hair loss determine your happiness. This is your battle, and in many ways, you have already won!


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