Mastectomy Bras - Post Surgical Lingeries, Bras and Recovery Camisoles

Mastectomy bras are designed specifically for the women who have undergone a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. These are also known as post surgical bras made with discreet pockets (i.e. mastectomy bras with pockets) inside the cups to hold a breast prosthesis firmly in place. We have range of attractive post surgery bras from recognized manufacturers who specialize in mastectomy products that are guaranteed to meet all your needs and provide a fantastic blend of fashion with comfort. Check out the different styles, including strapless, underwired, lace, soft cup, embossed and much more. Also available are sports, zipper-style, with drain tube pouches and seamless T-shirt style. Match your style with the varied colors and sizes from Trulife, Classique, Nearly Me, Wear Ease, American Breast Care, Anita and more.

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How to choose the right mastectomy bra?

  1. The fabric should be soft and comfortable to sooth the healing skin and thereby provide comfort. 

  2. The material should be breathable like silk, rayon or cotton. 

  3. Check the inside of the surgical bra to make sure there aren't any rough stitches and seams to irritate the sensitive area. 

  4. Seek your doctor’s advice to suggest the best breast cancer bra for you. 

  5. Buy a bras that keeps you happy, something that is attractive to you!

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