Menstruation, or a period is the part and parcel of a woman’s life which involves normal vaginal bleeding every month. It is a section of female’s monthly reproductive cycle who have attained puberty. These cycles can range anywhere between 21 to 35 days in adults and 21 to 45 days in young teens. Every woman comes across a set of fall out or side effects of menstruation differently. These can be anything from getting cramps to feeling dizzy. To ease your struggle during those days, Damozelle brings for you a range of products from top selling manufacturers at attractive prices that are compact and safe. Letting you live carefree and confident. Check out our amazing range!


Common Menstruation Problems

  • Headache and Muscle Ache
  • Bloating and sore breasts
  • Lower back pain
  • Cramps
  • Acne
  • Depression and Mood Swings

How to have a Happy Period?

  • Stay Hydrated.
  • Eat Healthy.
  • Avoid Caffeine.
  • Stay Warm.
  • Keep a track of your period cycle.
  • Exercise, but with lighter activities.
  • Use specially formulated wipes for cleaning.
  • Change your sanitation product at least 4-5 times a day.
  • Wear soft and clean cotton underwear and change it on regular basis.
  • Use the best quality sanitary pads such as Cardinal Health Women Protective Pads, Always Ultra Thin Pads with Flexi-Wings, etc.