Female Urinals

Female urinals help in easy urination and are especially designed according to the female anatomy. They help women who have difficulty getting out of bed, suffer from frequent urination, or are pregnant and suggested bed-rest. They can be used in different positions with the help of their easy grip handles. They are not only spill-proof, but some models also store urine throughout the night for a restful sleep. At Damozelle, we offer an extensive range of female urinals from the top-selling brands like Advantage Urinal Systems, Drive Medical, etc.


Types of Female Urinals

  • Hand-Held Urinals: Female hand-held urinals are recommended for women who have limited mobility, but can sit or stand upright without any assistance. These pee bottles for women come in a wide variety of styles. Some have flat narrow opening for easy positioning between the legs. Some have large, easy grip handles for easy handling.
  • Urinal Systems: Urinal systems are a good alternative to catheters, disposable briefs, or traditional hand-held urinals. They reduce the risk of night time falls because the user is not required to get out of the bed for urination. They have a large capacity collection bag that can store urine throughout the night and can be emptied in the morning. Advantage urinal systems are such female portable urinals, which reduce night time falls, urine spills, and the resultant odors. Their anti-reflux valve ensures that the system does not spill, even if dropped.