High Waist Briefs

High Waist Briefs are a great combination of panties and shapewear, and offer a tummy-tucking effect to users. They give a good coverage, sit above the belly button, help streamline the body, and are incredibly comfortable. These flattering and trendy high waisted briefs are perfect for women who do not like the extra fat that bulges out when they wear low rise panties. They are ideal to wear under high-rise skirts, dresses and boyfriend jeans. Damozelle offers a wide range of high waist panties made by our trusted and leading brands, available in several sizes and colors!


Types of High Waist Briefs

Here is a guide to different types of high waist underwear and the outfit you should pair with them:

  • Control Briefs or Tummy Tuckers: Control briefs have an elastic tummy line to pouch you in the brief. They are super comfortable, have a snug fit, and conceal you almost up to your navel. You can wear them with body con dresses and high-waist denims.
  • French Cut Briefs: These are classic briefs with high waist band styles but offer lesser thigh coverage. You can club them up with any outfit.

How to take care of your briefs?

  • For long lasting color, soak your high-waisted brief in white vinegar for 10 minutes and then wash and rinse. Always dry it naturally in the sun.
  • For long lasting elasticity, it is better to wash your brief with hands than in the machine.
  • Iron it very well after washing to avoid any infections.
  • Organize and store your brief lying flat in a drawer.