Lingerie is the most important category of women’s clothing that includes lightweight, appealing, and stylish undergarments. It is worn beneath your outer clothes and you have to be wise when you do lingerie shopping because it comes in direct contact with your skin and is worn all day long. Lingerie comes in luxurious silk, chiffon, lace, and lycra, beautifully designed by our top manufacturers, worth every dollar you spend. Choose from our wide collection of daily and seductive intimate apparels including fashion bras, panties, bikinis, thongs, etc. from brands like Anita International, QT Intimates, Amoena, Nearly Me, etc.

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What are different Lingerie Products?

  • Bras: You will definitely fall in love with our beautifully tailored bras ranging from daily to highly fashionable styles, perfect for every occasion. There is no compromise on comfort and quality whether you opt for fashion bras, sports bras, or bikini tops. Enjoy our stylish bras blended with comfort in every size, color, and style including underwired, wireless, padded, push-ups, multi-way, designer, and much more. 

  • Fashion Bras: True to their name, these stylish fashion bras are designed to make you feel gorgeous and ultra-glamorous every time. They come with beautiful lace detailing, seductive hues, adorable prints, and attractive neck styles to give you a style edge with any outfit. 

  • Sports Bras: Sports bras are specially designed to provide support to breasts by holding them firm during strenuous workouts and to prevent any extra bounce. 

  • Bikini Tops: Bikini tops are a must have when you are carrying your summer look out to the beach. Their comfortable fabric and attractive styles help you look amazing and feel confident about flaunting your beach body. 

  • Panties: Explore our wide collection of comfortable, stylish panties in a great combination of lace, nylon, and cotton, and support briefs with embroidery inserts for a pretty and romantic look. Select from our top brands like Anita Rosa, Anita Comfort, Anita Care, and Nearly Me in all sizes and colors. 

    • Full-coverage panties: boyshorts, briefs, and high-waist briefs. 

    • Moderate-coverage panties: bikinis, hi-cut briefs, hipsters, and tangas. 

    • Minimal-coverage panties: g-strings, low-rise briefs, and thongs.

How to care for you Lingerie?

Here are some tips for washing and storing your expensive lingerie to ensure their longevity: 

  • Always hand-wash your bras: First, dab any kind of stains with mild soap or diluted shampoo. Then, soak for a few minutes in the sink and gently rub and finally rinse with water. To squeeze out any excess water, gently fold your bra against a towel before laying it out to dry. Air dry in the shade or lay out over a towel. 

  • Store your bras and panties properly in a drawer: Be very gentle with your lingerie. Best is to store your lingerie panties laying flat in a drawer and bras standing up in a row with cups inside of each other to help them hold their shape longer.