Top 5 breast Prosthesis for Swimming

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Breast cancer or mastectomy is scary for women, but recovering from it and getting back their confidence is something to look forward to. Breast prosthesis for swimming are made to make women feel secure & confident about themselves. Breast prosthesis replicates the breast they have lost during the surgery, these are designed to place inside women's bra cup.  

With a normal prosthesis, breast prosthesis for swimming are also widely available for women who loves swimming. Swimming is also a great exercise, breast prosthesis for swimming makes women do swimming and enjoy their life without being conscious about them or their surgery. Damozelle provides you a huge collection of breast prosthesis for swimming.  

Why should women wear breast prosthesis?  

After breast surgery, breast tissues or the area of the breast are removed. Swimming after breast surgery is an excellent exercise as swimming moves their stiff muscles. some of the main reasons why women should use breast prosthesis for swimming-  

  • It helps women to restore their self-confidence  
  • They resemble the appearance of the other breast  
  • It's medically necessary to keep up the shape of their back and chest  
  • It protects them from chloride water.  
  • The swimsuit fits perfectly.  

Top 5 best breast prosthesis for swimming  

Surgeries are distressing but getting your confidence back after it is a necessity. Some women get really conscious about their looks or about going out in public after their breast surgery, but breast prosthesis for swimming are there for the women who love swimming or want to swim post-surgery. Here are the top 5 breast prosthesis for swimming-  

1. Classique 537 Oval Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form 

Classique 537 Oval Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form

Classique 537 Oval Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form is a medium weight and flat back silicon foam, it protects from chlorine and saltwater. This breast prosthesis is waterproof and symmetric and can also be worn on both the left and right sides.   


2. Anita Care Active Ocean Light Swim Prosthesis Breast Form

Anita Care Active Ocean Light Swim Prosthesis Breast Form

Anita Care Active Ocean Light Swim Prosthesis Breast Form is lightweight, skin-friendly, and has a patented ribbed structure. This breast prosthesis for swimming can be used during sports as it has air chambers that increase air circulation and prevent excessive sweating caused by exercising or taking medication.  

  • Chlorine resistant  
  • Wearable on both sides  
  • It prevents from sticking to the skin 

3. Nearly Me 380 Freestyle Modified Triangle Breast Form 

Nearly Me 380 Freestyle Modified Triangle Breast Form

Nearly Me 380 Freestyle Modified Triangle Breast Form is for women whose more tissues on the front wall needs to be replaced. It's lightweight and contains a slightly concave back that matches the other breast and gives a nice look in a swimsuit or tank-type swimsuit.  

  • Safe in pool or salt water  
  • It fits in both the left & right side  
  • Holds shape in the bra  

4. Amoena 149 Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form 

Amoena 149 Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form

Amoena 149 aqua wave swim breast form is transparent and offers shallow to average fit with water & air flow. Many of this breast prosthesis for swimming come in different cup sizes in B or C fitting, and some smaller sections also offer A or D fittings.  

  • Available in sizes 1-14  
  • Quick drying  
  • 30 % lighter than a standard breast foam  
  • Supplied with a handy waterproof bag  

5. Trulife Naturalwear 630 Activeflow Swim Breast Form 

Trulife Naturalwear 630 Activeflow Swim Breast Form

Trulife Naturalwear 630 Activeflow swim breast form is perfect for all leisure activities such as yoga, gardening, exercises, and swimming. It's lightweight and made of polyester with nude color to match your skin.  

  • Breathable foam  
  • Fast-dry fabric  
  • Satin garment fabric can be used to pin to a garment  

Diagnosing breast cancer or getting any kind of breast surgery is the most crucial and painful part of a woman's life. It leaves them with mastectomy scars, which mastectomy tattoos can hide, but every woman doesn't prefer. Confidently living with those marks is not a thing for many people, for them, a breast prosthesis is a great option. Breast prosthesis are for women who don't want to have reconstructive surgery. It's convenient & lightweight for comfortability, boosts their self-confidence, and makes them look good.  

Buying Guide for breast prosthesis for swimming  

Some of the key points to remember before buying breast prosthesis for swimming- 

  • Choose the best material – Always prefer the best material as breast prosthesis must be really comfortable for your sensitive skin post-surgery. Doctors usually recommend foam breast prosthesis for swimming.  
  • Amount of breast removal – Breast prosthesis and its type depends on the amount of breast removed during the surgery. A breast prosthesis for swimming gives them a filling in their bra, make sure to buy the right one for you.  
  • Correct size – Breast prosthesis are worn to look good and confident, it is essential to get the right size of breast prosthesis for swimming that looks even and the women wearing it feels confident about themselves.  
  • Clothing – in order to use a breast prosthesis for swimming, one more important part is to choose mastectomy bras or mastectomy swimsuits correctly, in which breast prosthesis for swimming can settle down perfectly inside the pocket of the cup. 


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