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And still she bowed herself and stooped               

Out of the circling charm;            

Until her bosom must have made            

The bar she leaned on warm,    

And the lilies lay as if asleep       

Along her bended arm….

“The Blessed Damozel”
- Dante Gabriel Rossetti


In the 1800s, Dante Gabriel Rossetti was celebrating womanhood and the fiery passion within. Like never before or after! Today, more than 100 years later, that fire continues to burn with equal gusto. Whether a mother, wife, sister or a daughter… the fervor is intense.

Think like a queen, once said Oprah Winfrey.

We say, live like a queen!

You have just one life to live. Own it. Make each second of your life memorable. With challenges should come the desire to win because only challenges make you perfect.

Every woman has a story to tell in her quest for perfection. The day she first encountered puberty and fumbled with feminine pads. The fears and joys she experienced as her body blossomed from that of a little girl to young woman. Her quest for that perfect bra to give her inner diva the support it needed for her active lifestyle. The evening she set out to shop for maternity garments, glowing with happiness. Her heart pumping excitedly as she browsed catalogues for maternity swimwear and breast feeding supplies.

Then suddenly, juggling between work pressures and a growing family, she is jolted into reality. To her dismay she is diagnosed with breast cancer. But, she is a warrior. She grabs life by the horns and meets the beast of cancer head-on. However, she may now have to shop for mastectomy bras and prosthesis. She may also have to buy supplies to handle arthritis or asthma or high blood pressure.

Her story does not end here. Menopause arrives accompanied by hot flashes and night sweats. The family is bewildered by her temper tantrums and mood swings. It cannot understand her search for moisture-wicking clothing, and lubricants.

Life is gradually coming a full circle for our Damozel. And all the while, she is the winner! Challenges are being met and fought with.

Dante’s Damozel pines in heaven for her beloved. Today’s woman wants to bring heaven on earth for her beloved and family.

We celebrate this spirit of womanhood with Damozelle! We salute her and her passion.

Damozelle is a store for the brave women out there who are facing everyday challenges. It is designed to take care of you, our Damozel, through life’s stages… nurturing you from puberty and supporting you through maternity until the golden years. Gradually melting into healthy aging.

We have understood your needs in detail and so stocked up to be at your beck and call.

Damozelle is sorted into different sections to focus on a particular stage of your life. It takes into account your intrinsic need for natural beauty and skin care. Attention to ensemble and wellness. Going into maternity, nursing and postpartum. Finally, menopause and healthy aging!

Life’s come a full circle!

We are based in Danbury, CT, and backed by a dedicated and experienced customer care team. Our product selection is need-based and items only from trusted brands are included. We uphold the quality of our products and our team is always available to answer all related queries.

You can pay by credit card or check. Checks should be written out to “Damozelle” and sent with order details to:


14 Fairfield Dr

Brookfield, CT 06804

For all questions or assistance with placing an order, call toll-free 844-490-2625 or write to Customer Service.