Mastectomy Bra and Breast Forms: Fitting Guide and Size Chart

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After a mastectomy, your bra size may change, and it may be difficult to determine the correct size. A study revealed that over 78% of women wore the wrong size and were amazed at how much better they could look and feel when wearing the right size. Here are some very important factors to consider that will ensure the right size, fit, support and overall comfort.

Mastectomy Bra and Breast Forms: Fitting Guide and Size Chart
  • Remember, size changes with time. Weight fluctuation of even 5 pounds can change your bra size.
  • Buy at least two bras at a time: one to wear and another to wash.
  • Wear seamless bras under clingy garments for better shape, comfort, and confidence.
  • A mastectomy bra can last up to 6 months, depending on how often it is worn.
  • The back of the bra and shoulder straps supports the weight of your breasts, and they should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Ensure the breasts do not bulge above the bra or underarm edges and are well contained within the cup. If this happens, the cup is too small.
  • As compared to other bras, mastectomy bras wear out quicker, which can cause your breast form to pull away, leading to a heavy feeling and back pain.
  • Go for thicker straps if the cup size is large.
  • Molded cups provide better support and a more natural shape. These are a good choice for larger sizes.
  • Wear the correct bra size that fits properly to avoid creases or distortion.
  • After washing, it takes 48 hours for the lycra (spandex) in the bra to retain its regular support.
  • Get your breast form checked every six months to ensure it fits correctly and is in good condition.
  • The standard silicone form has the feel and texture of a natural breast and doesn't change even underwater.
  • Do not use a silicone breast form for more than two years.
  • Do not use a foam breast form for more than six months.
  • Foam breast forms must also be hand-washed in soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and then air dry.
  • Hand-wash silicone breast forms with a mild soap that is safe for the skin. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry.
  • Do not use cleaning solvents or bleach on either silicone or foam forms.
  • Be careful not to tear the outer skin of the breast form.
Mastectomy Bra and Breast Forms: Fitting Guide and Size Chart

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