Women Panties or Briefs are the traditional rise panties with full coverage in the rear. They are the best classic cuts of women's underwear that are flattering to legs and offer comfortable coverage. We have a choice for every woman from our huge collection of multiple pairs of panties in satin, lace, nylon, cotton, microfiber, and mesh that enhances her figure to perfection. Be confident with our lightweight everyday panties. Choosing the best panties depends on your purpose and there is a pair for every occasion.

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Types of Panties or Briefs

Here is a guide to all types of panties and briefs, and the outfit you should pair them with: 

  • Classic Briefs: Classic briefs are quite traditional and regular underwear. You can pair them with any outfit except for body-hugging dresses as panty lines would be visible. 

  • Boyshort Panties: Boyshort panties are full-coverage, super-comfortable, and perfect panties for daily wear. You can wear them with your skirts and flared dresses. 

  • Tangas: Tangas are moderate-coverage panties with small panels connected by strings at the sides. They make the perfect undergarment for tight fitting clothes.

How to take care of your panties?

  • For long lasting color, soak your panty in white vinegar for 10 minutes and then wash and rinse. Always dry it naturally in the sun. 

  • For long lasting elasticity, it is better to hand wash your panty than machine wash. 

  • Iron it very well after washing to avoid any infections. 

  • Organize and store your panty lying flat in a drawer.