Top Selling Mastectomy Forms

Damozelle offers you mastectomy products to reconstruct and restore beauty with comfort. If you have opted to wear breast prosthesis after mastectomy then it is recommended by experts to wear lightweight and fibre-fill breast-forms. These are made of foam, fibre or silicon and should be inserted in the Mastectomy Bras that are best-fitted to you.

Types of Breast Forms

  • Symmetrical Breast Forms which can be fit both the right and the left side
  • Asymmetrical Breast Forms to fit under the arm or the chest wall in extensive surgery cases
  • Lightweight Breast Forms to fit to someone who does various activities
  • Swim/Exercise Breast Forms that designed specially to wear in workout sessions
  • Attachable Breast Forms that can be attached directly to the chest wall
  • Silicone Breast Forms that come in various shapes & sizes and give the realistic look
  • Leisure Breast Forms to wear temporarily during leisure time
  • Cooler Breast Forms that absorbs excess heat from the body
  • Dark Breast Forms are specially designed for the dark complexions
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Our Top Selling Mastectomy Breast Forms

Damozelle brings you the best-selling breast forms from Trulife, Nearly ME, ABC, Ameona & Classique, that are available as per your body, shape and daily routine. These top brands designs Breast Form for lumpectomies or uneven breasts.

Our Best Selling Breast Prosthesis Features

  • Full Triangle Breast Form for swimming and spa purposes
  • Water-resistant surface that dries easily
  • Lightweight silicon-free form to provide the post-surgery and leisure time comfort
  • Smooth front surface with back contouring
  • Symmetrical to fit both the right and left side of the body
  • Full coverage with natural look
  • Some of them are 100% clear silicone as per the need
  • Versatile shape
  • Transparent and soft form
  • Removable form-fill as per convenience
  • Hand washable Seamless Fabric

Where to buy Top Selling Mastectomy Breast Forms online?

Damozelle is your one stop shop for all types of breast prostheses. Our bestselling breast forms will give you natural feel, comfort & confidence. Explore the wide variety of our best-selling breast forms with great discount and offers. Feel best with Damozelle!