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Protective Clothing for Women are specially designed to compliment the female contour while keeping them safe in the workspace. They are used in the operating rooms and other medical settings to protect the health-care workers and their clothes from the harmful agents. They come in a variety of solid colors and prints and can be matched as per the user requirements. Protective apparels should be sized comfortably because a loose or tight fit can make you uncomfortable while doing work. At Damozelle, we offer a fine collection of protective clothing for women including lab coats, scrubs, aprons, etc. Choose from the top-selling brands such as Medline @ attractive prices!

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How To Look Slimmer While Wearing Protective Clothing?

  • A good fit does not mean tight fit. Protective wear should fit you comfortably. If too loose, you can even get them altered to fit your body type. 

  • Dark colors like black, navy, burgundy, and brown have a tendency to shrink. Wear such colors to look slim. 

  • Choose the same color top and pants to look tall and slim. 

  • Shift the attention from trouble spots to other details like strategically placed pockets, decorative stitching, or princess seams. 

  • Flat front pants without pockets look slimmer than the pants with pockets. Keep in mind that you do not compromise the functionality of your protective clothing just to look slimmer. 

  • You can make your legs look a bit longer by wearing pants that touch the top of your shoes. 

  • Wearing the same color shoes and pants can also give an illusion of longer legs.