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Symmetrical breast form is the form which can fit both the right and the left side. Available in oval, triangle, tapered or teardrop shapes. These also vary in types like, weighted, non- weighted and lightweight. We have a whole line of high quality and versatile symmetrical form from the most reliable and trusted names in the industry like Amoena, Nearly Me , Trulife , American Breast Cancer and many more. Comfortable even for long-term wear, and developed to provide superior fit and containment.

How to use breast form ?

Breast forms can be worn in a few different ways. They can be tucked inside of a regular bra, slipped into the panels of a breast form bra (make sure you've got the right sides organized, if they're asymmetrical!), or they can be attached directly to the skin with an adhesive tape. Regardless of the method you choose, it’s a good idea to get used to your new breast forms while you’re in a private, safer space, before venturing out into public. Consider the length of time you plan on wearing your breast forms over the course of a day, and try it out in private! Stand, sit, bend down, jump around, lie on the couch, and see how everything moves and feels! We suggest removing the forms before sleep - this allows your skin to breathe, and helps prevent potential damage to your silicone forms during sleep.

Why its necessary to have symmetrical form?

After mastectomy, breast preserving medical procedure or even recreation, you may wear a breast structure or shaper, to enable you to feel like yourself once more. Your objective when being fitted for a breast structure is to make a characteristic body outline with the goal that you feel adjusted, great and certain. Amazing silicone structures carry on like a genuine breast, moving normally when you walk and rests. Be that as it may, bosom structures aren't only restorative; there are significant medicinal motivations to wear them. By making up for the heaviness of a genuine breast, an appropriately fitting breast structure counteracts issues like lymphedema, bad posture or shoulder and neck problems. Breast structure highlights and abilities differ contingent upon your way of life and exercises, you may pick:
  • Symmetrical breast structures with a glue back
  • Lightweight breast structure alternatives
  • A one of a kind Swim structure for water exercises
  • Breast structures with delicate gel-back layers to adjust to scars or tissue
  • Temperature evening out bosom structures

How to Choose Best Breast Forms?

  • Augmented camisoles - Many ladies prefer toward this alternative while they are as yet mending from their mastectomy method, in light of the fact that the bosom structures don't straightforwardly contact the skin. Rather, the prosthetics are sewn into the nightgown texture itself. Comparative variants are accessible for swimwear.  
  • Lightweight breast structures - This breast prosthetic isn't as overwhelming as a silicone form, and is regularly normally liked in the main weeks after a mastectomy. Since they are made of froth or fiberfill, their softness is likewise perfect for exercises. These prosthetics are held set up with a redid bra.  
  • Appendable breast structures. This breast structure type is appended straightforwardly onto your chest, supported by glue strips. Appendable prosthetics don't require a particular bra to hold them set up. Silicone structures Known for its capacity to look like human breast as far as feel and weight, silicone is a famous choice for breast structures. 
  • Silicone breast prosthetics - can be altered to look like your skin tone and the size you stipulate, with the additional choice of practical nipples. Likewise with lightweight breast frames, the silicone adaptations are worn alongside the skin, and held set up with a redid bra.
We offer a wide range of symmetrical breast form ABC 10280 Flowable Back Symmetric Breast Form, Trulife 616 Tri-Featherweight Breast FormAmoena Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form

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