Post Mastectomy Compression Bras | Post Operative Compression Bras


Compression bras are designed to aid in post-surgical recovery by providing gentle pressure all around the torso and reducing the effects of edema and hematoma. This type of bra promotes the healing process by controlled compression on the scar tissue and relieves the lymph drainage channels. We have a good variety of compression mastectomy bras along with ones including a post-op belt which secures implants and prevents upward dislocation.

Need for Post-Surgical Compression Bras after a mastectomy:

  • Compression bras make an important space in your post mastectomy closet as they keep you comfortable and helps you heal.
  • Old bras won’t fit you post-surgery. Post-surgical bras will provide the comfort needed in the initial stage while your body heals.
  • Compression bras help lower the risk of lymphedema after surgery.
  • Compression bras are designed to apply gentle yet firm pressure at strategic sites on your chest, underarms, and back to encourage blood flow and prevent lymph build up.
  • This can also help to speed up the recovery process by flooding the wound sites with nutrients.

Try the ABC 519 Compression Bra or ABC Velcro-Front Compression Mastectomy Bra Style 119 for best results. They are comfortable, easy to wear and provide just the right compression your healing body needs.