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The post mastectomy period can be challenging without the right breast care products. Once the recovery process is over, the first question usually is where to buy post mastectomy bras, breast prostheses and the likes.

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Damozelle brings you a huge variety of Mastectomy Supplies. Damozelle has carefully designed its products on a wide variety of ranges starting from puberty to menopause. We aim to make you feel happy, confident, and more beautiful by serving you the most reliable medical supplies for all your healthcare needs. Shop the mastectomy bras, breast forms for breast cancer patients and survivors at the best prices. Holiday Season is here, get the best gifts for the women in your life. Get the best online shopping deals.


What is Mastectomy Bra?


A mastectomy bra is designed for women after undergoing a mastectomy or other form of breast cancer surgery. They are usually designed with wider straps and bands than the average bra to?provide more support and comfort to the sensitive areas following surgery Or radiation therapy.?Order Mastectomy Bras from top brands like Amoena, ABC, Anita, Almost U, Trulife, Classique, Wear Ease, etc., at affordable prices. Get the best discounts online on Mastectomy Bras. 


Mastectomy Bras Type


  • Soft Cup Bras: These are wire-free bras with discreet pockets for breast forms. They have a comfortable fit and are, at the same time, fashionable.

  • Seamless Mastectomy Bras: These bras have a sleek design and look smooth under the clingy, stylish blouse. Easy fitting and ultra-soft, seamless mastectomy bras are made of a special fabric that is breathable and has moisture-wicking benefits.

  • Front Closure Bras: Post-mastectomy bras with front closure are perfect for everyday wear. These are extremely useful for those with restricted mobility and limited range of motion owing to surgery, arthritis, or lymphedema. This bra type has a hook- and-eye-fasteners in the front, and it allows easy and quick dressing and undressing without compromising on quality and fashion.

  • Underwire Mastectomy Bras: Combining fashion with Ease, our range of post-mastectomy underwire bras ensures the highest wearing comfort. We have a good selection of underwire bras from Trulife and Amoena, and Trulife bras have plastic underwire that provides additional support and shaping. The soft, silky all-over microfiber fabric gives a tight fit.

  • Sports/Activity Bras: Post-mastectomy sports/activity bras are lightweight, breathable, and flexible to adjust when required when strenuous activities. Mastectomy sports bras have prosthesis pockets to securely hold the breast forms and provide firm support even while active.

  • Compression Bras: Compression mastectomy bras help speed up the healing process by adding controlled compression on the scar tissue. They also help relieve lymph drainage channels and ensure exact fit to prevent pressure marks and tissue irritation.

  • Leisure Bras: Leisure bras for mastectomy patients offer comfortable coverage and support. These types of post-mastectomy bras with built-in forms are ideal for wear during relaxation, at home while lounging, during casual leisure activities, and even while sleeping. We carry pocketed bras made of nylon, lycra, or cotton.

  • Camisole Bras: You can get an amazing variety of camisole mastectomy bras from top manufacturers such as Amoena and Classique. Camisole bras for mastectomy patients look stylish under a blouse, business suit, or dress. Designed to provide a soft, feminine, and versatile fit, they relieve strain on the shoulders and neck.


Breast Forms Type


Partial breast prosthesis or shaper is a breast form made of silicone, foam, or Fiberfill. This breast prosthesis is designed to be worn over your natural breast tissue to increase the breast's overall size and look. Buy Breast Forms from top brands like Amoena, Still You, Anita, Almost U, Trulife, etc., at affordable prices. Get 5% off on Breast Forms. 

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Where to Buy Online Mastectomy Products?


At Damozelle, you will find exclusive deals and offers. Our Mastectomy supplies sale lets you enjoy premium quality bras and breast forms from well-known manufacturer like Amoena, Nearly Me, Trulife, etc., at affordable prices . Now enjoy your holidays with our holiday season sale which includes offers you can never say no to, such as the Free Shipping offers, discount coupons, Rewards Dollars, and more. Shop now and avail best discounts online.