Breast Forms - What To Look For!

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Breast prosthesis resembles a natural breast as closely as possible in density and feel and is worn by those who have had its surgical removal – either partial or whole. It can be held inside a pocketed bra or you can ask for a self-adhesive breast form which adheres to the skin. Special mastectomy bras with pockets are available to hold the breast prosthesis in place. You can pick a breast form off the shelf or, better still, have it customized to suit your preferences.

Post breast cancer surgery

During the recovery phase, which is immediately after mastectomy, if you have opted to wear a breast prosthesis then you will be advised to wear a lightweight one which is soft to touch with preference given to a fabric-covered one. Experts recommend that you avoid silicone breast forms which could be harsh on the still-healing skin. Light and fiberfill breast forms are ideal for this period. They are soft and comfortable and give a natural breast tissue effect.

An example of such a product is Nearly Me 560 casual weighted symmetrical modified triangle foam breast form which is ultra-light and cool making it the right wear during recovery time.

Another ideal post mastectomy foam breast form would be Trulife Tri-Featherweight breast form which is made from soft foam. Alternatively, you can go for ABC 916 leisure first breast form which is made of memory foam that molds and contours to the body.

The Anita Care TriFirst 1014X post-surgery textile breast form is also a breast cancer post-operative wear and said to be ideal during convalescence when the body reacts sensitively to pressure and touch.

The post mastectomy triangle leisure breast form style Classique 045 has a concave back that accommodates excess tissue while the Wear Ease Allyson post-surgical bra is designed to be worn after surgery and has removable drain tube pouches and fiberfill breast forms.

Nearly Me 560 Casual Weighted Foam Triangle Breast Form  ABC Breast Forms - First Form 916
Nearly Me 560 Foam Triangle Breast Form  ABC Breast Forms - First Form 916

Permanent mastectomy breast forms

Moving on to long-term breast formsafter mastectomy, these are most commonly made of silicone gel and are soft on the top and front surface. Generally, they are weighted to give a feel as close as possible to the normal breast. Example is the ABC 926 first weighted breast form which is filled with non-metal materials to give it a lift. Some mastectomy breast prostheses have an outline of a nipple to give it the natural look like the Classique 748N. This product can be worn on both the left and right side and is made of high grade medical silicone.

Alternately, you can buy a breast form after mastectomy without the outline and attach a detachable nipple to it. The ABC nipple prosthesis is a pair of natural-looking silicone nipples which can be attached to both a natural breast and prosthesis.

ABC Breast Forms - First Form Weighted 926 Classique 748N Triangle Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form
ABC Breast Forms - First Form Weighted 926 Classique 748N Triangle Post Mastectomy Silicone Breast Form

Selecting the right type of breast forms after mastectomy

Actually, there are hundreds of breast prostheses options available in the market and in different types and sizes. You have the option available to go for an oval, teardrop or a triangular shape breast form. The cup sizes vary too, ranging from shallow, average to full. Some are asymmetrical and some even on both sides. You take your pick and make your choices about the texture, shape and weight.

Trulife E Supreme teardrop breast form tapers towards one end and is suitable for different types of surgeries. The Nearly Me 375 extra lightweight triangle breast forms with flow-able back is ideal for those with uneven chest wall post-surgery because its flow-able silicone can settle into a hollow space but move away from fuller areas.

The Still You Illusions breast replacement breast form is a flexible form that can be worn during any activity, including swimming. It is meant for those with unilateral mastectomy and can be worn over the natural breast.

Nearly Me 375 Extra Lightweight Triangle Breast Form Still You Illusion Breast Form
Nearly Me 375 Extra Lightweight Triangle Breast Form Still You Illusion Breast Form

Best fit mastectomy breast form

Importantly, breast prostheses help in re-establishing the body’s natural balance and prevent nagging issues like spinal curvature, neck and back pain and a shoulder sag. Therefore, making the right pick becomes important. Many women visit a trained fitter who takes their measurements and helps select the product most suited for them. Getting the right fit is vital for comfortable, long-term wear.


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