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Swim Breast forms are designed exclusively to be used while swimming or for other sport activities. They are made to dry off quickly and retain its shape even in the water thus, providing security and confidence. Breast prosthesis for swimming can be left in the swimsuit for extra convenience after swimming sessions. Mastectomy swim forms are considerably lighter than other prosthesis and comes with a versatile shape that provides a great, natural looking outline. These breast forms for swimming can be used in salty and chlorinated water and retain their shape in and out of the water. They serves ideally while wearing with pocketed swimsuits. Swim breast forms are available in different styles and sizes from renowned brands like Anita International Corporation, Nearly Me Trulife etc.


How To Choose Right Mastectomy Swim forms?

  • Women who have recently undergone a mastectomy can reap the advantages of swimming with swim forms that may be used along side a pocketed swimsuits. 
  • Some swimming prosthesis are fabricated from foam and fabric. They are lightweight and used for leisure activities. 
  • Note: Mastectomy prosthesis for swimming can change shape inside the water and can become heavy. 
  • Opt for a breast form that fits well. Check size chart before purchase. 
  • Try Trulife 630 Activeflow Triangle Swim Breast Form, Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Breast Form or the ABC Swim Breast Forms - Triangle Shaped 931 for best swimming experience.

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