Sports Bras

Sports Bras are specifically designed bras that give full support and comfort to your busts during physical workout. They reduce the risk of damage to chest ligaments while doing your favorite activities such as running, jogging, cycling, yoga, gym workout, or any other sports. The fabric of sports bras has moisture absorption ability and shape retention properties that make these bras long lasting. Try out our wide range of great quality products at Damozelle that offers you a large number of choices across sizes, styles, and impact levels.


Types of Sports Bras

Nowadays there are different types of sports bras available, but you need to choose the perfect one based on your activities.

  • Low Impact Sports Bras: These are perfect to wear for activities like yoga, walking, and cycling. These sports bras are soft and give you low bounce-control and hence, are perfect for low impact exercises.
  • Medium Impact Sports Bras: These are apt for moderate level exercises such as jogging and brisk walking. The moderate restriction that they offer helps control the bounce better than low impact bras.
  • High Impact Sports Bras: These are great for vigorous exercises like Zumba and kickboxing, They have high bounce-control and provides maximum support.
  • Padded Sports Bras: These are the sports bras with removable or built-in pads that offer great support for various exercises.

How to care for Sports Bras?

  • Sports bras are made with fabric that absorbs moisture effectively and has shape retention properties that make them long lasting that is why you should never wash them in the machine.
  • Proper care should be taken while washing, which in turn increases the life of a bra. It is always better to hand-wash and line dry the bra.
  • Do not let the microbes from sweat and dust cling on to your body.
  • Wash sports bras regularly, take good care, and maintain proper hygiene.