Thongs are minimal coverage panties that are invisible under tight fitting garments. They come with a waistband like your regular panties, but have a very narrow string that runs from the front to the rear. Select from our hottest collection of sexy and trendy thongs, which stand out for their attractive designs and soft and gentle fabric. Latest in styling and popular within ladies, these items are available in various colors and sizes from our top-selling brands @ attractive prices.

Types of Thongs

Based on fabric, there are two different types of thongs:
  • Cotton Thongs: Cotton thongs are made in breathable soft-textured cotton. They are very comfortable and ideal for daily wear. 

  • Lacy Thongs: Lacy thongs are delicately crafted in pretty laces. They are a great choice for special occasions.

What to keep in mind while buying Thongs?

  • The first thing that you should always consider before buying a thong or any other undergarment is to check your size. 

  • Cotton thongs would be the best choice for everyday wear and keep the lacy ones for special occasions. 

  • If you are looking for an undergarment for your bodycon dresses, then thongs are the perfect choice. You can get rid of embarrassing panty lines by wearing a thong beneath your tight fitting clothes. 

  • They are the best for evening gowns, summer dresses and even sarees as they give a natural fall to your flowy dresses and a smooth look to your body form. 

  • The minimal fabric usage in thongs make them ideal for hot tropical weather.