Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly
Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly

Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly

Brand/Manufacturer: COOPERSURGICAL

Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly is a recommended adjunct for pessary wearers, it helps restore and maintain the normal vaginal acidity and coats the walls of the vagina with a lubricating film that helps reduce odor causing bacteria and can be used for personal hygiene, offering comfort and symptomatic relief on contact from annoying vaginal symptoms such as irritation, itching and soreness.

Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly Highlights

  • Virtually non-irritating to delicate vaginal tissue. 
  • Trimo-San Jelly gives low surface tension, and wetting action assists penetration into vaginal crypts and crevices.

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MX5030 Vaginal Jelly Each $1.38

Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly Features

  • Helps restore and maintain normal vaginal acidity
  • Helps prevent the growth of organisms known to flourish in an abnormal vaginal pH
  • Eases the insertion of a pessary by lubricating the pessary upon vaginal entry
  • Logical, simple, effective and economical

How to use Trimo-San Vaginal Jelly?

  • Apply 1/2 applicator full 3 times a week for 1st week. 
  • Thereafter, 1/2 applicator full 2 times a week as long as patient is wearing pessary. 
  • If symptoms of vaginal discomfort or odor persist or worsen, please contact your health provider or physician
Oxyquinoline Sulfate 0.025%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 0.01% Adjusted with Triethanolamine to pH4. In a water dispersible base composed of Glycerine, Carbomer N.F., Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, and Perfume.
  • The pH4 acts to restore and maintain normal vaginal acidity
  • Oxyquinoline Sulfate described in the Condensed Medical Dictionary 9th Edition Van Nostrand Reinhold
Proper Use Of Milex Jel-Jector

Step 1.
Unscrew the cap from the tube.

Step 2. Pierce the end of the tube with top of cap (a small amount of TRIMO-SAN may escape when the top of the tube is pierced).

Step 3. Attach the threaded end of the Milex Jel-Jector to the TRIMO-SAN tube.

Step 4. While holding the tube with the attached Milex Jel-Jector, squeeze the tube from the bottom until TRIMO-SAN reaches the specified dosage level.

Step 5. Detach the Milex Jel-Jector from the tube. Gently insert the Jel-Jector approximately 1/2 inch into the vagina. Squeeze the bulb vigorously once to disperse the gel. Keep the bulb compressed until the Milex Jel-Jector is removed from the vagina.

NOTE: For those wearing an INFLATOBALL or CUBE Pessary, remove the pessary per the physician’s instructions before using TRIMO-SAN.

Step 6. Clean the Milex Jel-Jector immediately after using by flushing the Jel-Jector (compressing bulb) several times, holding the Jel-Jector under water.

NOTE: The pin hole at the top of the bulb is an air release hole. Do NOT tape over this hole or otherwise block this hole. This “pin” hole is not a defect in the bulb.

Step 7. After each use, wipe the threads of the tube and inside the cap. Recap tightly

Trimo-San and Pregnancy

TRIMO-SAN has NOT been tested for use during pregnancy.
  • CooperSurgical does not recommend the use of TRIMO-SAN during pregnancy.
  • If you wish to become pregnant, do not use TRIMO-SAN or any other personal hygiene product vaginally (douches, vaginal sprays, jellies or suppositories) for 6 hours prior to or following intercourse. Any product used within this time period could interfere with conception
General Information
  • New pessary wearers should use a 1/2 applicator of TRIMO-SAN three (3) times the first week after original insertion of the pessary.
  • Use 1/2 applicator of TRIMO-SAN twice a week thereafter unless otherwise directed by your health care professional.
  • Reaction or irritation caused by TRIMO-SAN is very rare, but should it occur, discontinue use.
  • If symptoms persist or worsen, contact your health care professional.

This Product is Intended for multiple use by one patient only.

If you have any of the following signs or symptoms, consult a health care professional. 
  • A discharge, which is unusual in color, consistency or amount.
  • A burning or itching sensation in the vaginal area.
  • A foul odor associated with vaginal discharge.
  • Any of the above especially if accompanied by unusual swelling or tenderness, fever, pains, or cramps in the lower abdomen.
NOTE: If this product is being used with a pessary, follow your health care professional’s instructions explicitly. Consult your health care professional for all other medically-related advice.

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