Stay Active

She owns this phase of her life. Actively concerned about bringing her life back on track, the woman busies herself with a focus on her personal well being. She must work hard on that. Damozelle sticks by her side during this phase. We have healthy eating options for her, yoga supplies for wellness and comfort and aquatic products for quality time in the pool. Sun care products as well as UV protective clothing come in very handy at this stage as she spend more and more time outdoors. And for the same reasons, foot, nail and hand care items are also necessary. Nutritional drinks and energy bars are the need of the hour. She can also consider vitamins and supplements to give that extra zing. Relaxation products with aromatherapy and essential oils can really feel rejuvenating after an active and tiring day. Hot and cold natural therapy packs or scented candles would be a perfect end to a perfect day.