Mid Life

With the children grown up and not needing to hold that hand, the woman enters mid life satiated as well as feeling a tad lost. While the body is still energetic and willing to run that extra mile, the mind is trying to regain focus. The mid life section of Damozelle is designed to help the damsel with her needs during this period. Lots of hair care and body care products to bring back the oomph into her life and get her into active mode again. Hair conditioners and hair stylers plus age spot creams as well as sunless self-tanners to give her that exciting look. Sun care, foot and oral care all become important at this stage. There is an exciting selection of lingerie with fashion bras, high waist briefs and thongs. Trendy bikinis and hipsters become the need of the hour. So that she is not outdone by ailments like breast cancer, etc, there are supplies to handle that situation, too. Breast forms, prosthesis and mastectomy bras, nutritious eating and much more. With added support from chemotherapy clothing, compression and lymphedema products as well as scar healing products.