Entering the teens is a major landmark event for a young girl. Starting from the age of 13 and lasting until 19, this period sees much upheaval in a girl’s life mentally and physically. Growth spurts and hormonal changes are major happenings. We provide support to these teenage years with this section. Our face care and skin care products will prove a boon. Natural acnedote face and body scrubs, oil control lotions and deep pore wash are the need of the hour. Equally, if not more, important are comfortable yet fashionable bras and panties. Enjoy party hairdos backed by our anti-frizz serums. Hipsters, thongs and stylish bikinis are also available to meet the teen excitement. And not to forget, feminine hygiene products like tampons, panty liners, feminine wipes and pads as well as organic pads and liners. Also most needed during this phase are the all-important deodorants and anti-perspirants as well as shaving and depilatory items.

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