This phase can be the toughest for the woman as she struggles with hormonal changes. The body is going through a big change and having a major impact on her mental wellbeing. She needs support at this very tender juncture in her life. We provide that support in the form of moisture wicking clothing and moisture wicking bedding for night sweats and hot flashes. The dietary supplements boost the depressive moods while lubricants get rid of the dryness. There are supports and cushions for the tired back and aromatherapy relaxation for the fatigued mind. Room diffusers and spa warmers can do the trick just as rejuvenating teas and spices. Hair loss shampoos and other nourishing hair solutions are much needed. Body care products like moisturizing body cream and massage creams can go a long way in lightening the mood. Anti-ageing creams can be an attractive thought.