Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap
Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap

Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap

Brand/Manufacturer: SOLARIS
  • Latex Free

Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap features low stretch material that provides low resting and high working pressures from the superior patella border to the groin. The proximal strap design helps accommodate straight and conical thighs. It overlaps knee unit to help prevent gapping.

Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap Highlights

  • Low stretch material
  • Color-coded straps
  • Latex-free
  • Tall and Average sizes available

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
RW-LE-EG-S25 Small, Average, Black Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-S25 Small, Average, Beige Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-S30 Small, Tall, Black Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-S30 Small, Tall, Beige Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-M25 Medium, Average, Beige Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-M30 Medium, Tall, Black Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-L25 Large, Average, Beige Each $5.87
RW-LE-EG-L30 Large, Tall, Black Each $5.87

Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap Features

  • Provide higher working and lower resting compression levels with low-stretch materials
  • Simplify donning with ReadyWrap color-coded strapping system
  • The 50% overlap mimics the gold standard of bandaging to ensure complete coverage
  • Easily adjustable to allow for daily girth fluctuations
  • Available in Beige and Black
  • Material
    - 61% nylon
    - 33% polyurethane
    - 6% spandex, Velcro
  • Indications:
    - Lymphedema
    - Acute / Chronic Edema
    - Indurate Tissue
    - Venous (Stasis) Ulcer
    - Varicose Veins
    - Post Sclerotherapy
    - Venous Insufficiency
    - Prevention of DVT

How To Apply ReadyWrap Thigh Wrap?

Donning Instructions:
  • Fasten the shortest strap about one inch above the top of your knee.
  • Fasten the remaining straps in order from light blue to dark blue, a small piece of hook to big, adjusting for comfort as needed.
Care Instructions:
  • Hand wash only.
  • Use warm water with a drop of mild detergent or dish soap.
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or other additives.
  • Lay flat to dry.
  • Do not machine dry and do not iron.
  • Drying time can be shortened by laying the garment on a towel and rolling it inside the towel to collect excess water.
Intended Uses:
  • Maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
  • Management of lymphedema
  • Relief of leg fatigue and heaviness
  • Assists in the management of some symptoms of venous ulcers
  • Assists in helping limit venous ulcer recurrence
  • Arterial Insufficiency or Degeneration
  • Acute DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • Untreated Congestive Heart Failure
  • Untreated Cancer
  • Untreated Infection
  • Absent or Severely Impaired Sensation
  • Allergy to Materials
  • Severe or Moderate Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Severe Cognitive Impairment


SizeLengthAbove Knee GirthGroin Girth
Small (cm)up to 2538 to 4848 to 63
Medium (cm)up to 2545 to 5858 to 73
Large (cm)up to 2552  to 6868 to 83
X-Large (cm)up to 2559 to 7878 to 93
XX-Large (cm)up to 2566 to 8878 to 93
SizeLengthAbove Knee GirthGroin Girth
Small (cm)up to 3038 to 4848 to 63
Medium (cm)up to 3045 to 5858 to 73
Large (cm)up to 3052  to 6868 to 83
X-Large (cm)up to 3059 to 7878 to 93
XX-Large (cm)up to 3066 to 8878 to 93


- ReadyWrap garments are protected against manufacturer defect by a six month warranty

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