Huntleigh Hydroven Flowtron FPR Sequential Lymphedema Pump

Huntleigh Hydroven Flowtron FPR Sequential Lymphedema Pump

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Huntleigh Hydroven Flowtron FPR Sequential Lymphedema Pump is unsurpassed for enhancing lymphatic and venous flow. It is ergonomically designed for efficient use in many different situations from clinic to the home. The controls, indicators, and connectors are simple to use and can be accessed with ease. Thoughtful design features mean the pump can be handled, transported and stored safely and easily.


  • Huntleigh Hydroven Flowtron FPR Sequential Lymphedema Pump provides longer squeeze time and shorter rest period between inflation
  • Used with the 3 chamber Hydroven FPR arm or leg garments to provide sequential compression with equal pressures delivered to the extremity distally to proximally
  • Simple to use, lightweight pump with preset cycles and adjustable pressure settings for individual comfort
  • Pressure range: 30mmHg to 100mmHg
  • Cycle time: 2 minutes inflation, 1 minute deflation
  • Bilateral 2 limb compression capability
  • Power: 110V to 120V AC 60Hz
  • Weight: 5.25lb
  • Compatible With: Huntleigh Hydroven Flowtron FPR Pump Garments

More Information

  • Clinical Benefits of Flowtron Hydroven FPR:
    Benefits of IPC
    Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) therapy is designed to assist blood and fluid flow which has been inhibited by impairment or injury. By applying intermittent compression to a limb via specially designed garments, blood flow is increased and extracellular fluid is cleared. IPC mimics the natural physiological mechanisms of the pumping action of muscles to return fluid back into the vascular and lymphatic systems. IPC is safe, non-invasive, simple to use and can fit comfortably into patient;s lifestyles. Flowtron Hydroven Therapy Systems are designed to treat a wide variety of vascular or lymphatic conditions including lymphedema, venous insufficiency, venous stasis ulcers, localized edema following trauma or dependent edema
    Clinically effective:
    The Flowtron IPC Hydroven Systems offer patients gentle and effective compression therapy which is easy to apply, well tolerated and comfortable while delivering clinically effective results which may include a reduction in swelling of the extremity, aiding in venous return and/or promotion of wound healing
    Patient involvement:
    Patients involved in their own health care have a better understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options, and are actively involved in the decision-making processes. This allows the patient to have a much greater degree of ownership and personal responsibility for their treatment and care. The Flowtron Hydroven therapy range allows patients to manage their treatment regimens by providing safe, non-invasive therapy in addition to creating a greater sense of involvement with therapy individualized to their personal needs to better manage their condition
  • Contraindications:
    Flowtron Hydroven Therapy Systems should not be used in the following conditions:
    - Known or suspected deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism and thrombophlebitis
    - Acute infections of the skin such as cellulitis
    - Decompensated / severe congestive cardiac failure, pulmonary edema associated with significant limb edema or any condition where an increase of fluid to the heart may be detrimental
    - Severe arteriosclerosis or other ischemic vascular disease
    - Active metastatic disease affecting the limb
  • Cautions:
    IPC should be used with caution in patients with the following symptoms or conditions:
    - Peripheral neuropathy, pain or numbness in the limb
    - Undiagnosed, untreated or infected wounds, fragile skin, grafts or dermatological conditions that may be aggravated by the garment
    - Extreme limb deformity which may practically impede the correct application of the garment
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