3pp Oval 8 Pediatric Finger Splint Kit

3pp Oval 8 Pediatric Finger Splint Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: 3-POINT PRODUCTS, INC
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  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free
  • Made in USA

This item has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer.

3pp Oval 8 Pediatric Finger Splint Kit is ideal for the pediatric setting to treat hyper flexible little joints, help control finger motion for those with mild hypertonicity and to hold the thumb and fingers in functional position for improved pinch and grasp. Oval-8 Finger Splints can be adjusted to position the finger in slight flexion or hyperextension or to alter the length of the splint to allow motion of adjacent joints.

Oval 8 Pediatric Finger Splint Features

  • 3pp Oval 8 Pediatric Finger Splint Kit contents:
    - 15 splints: 3 each of sizes 3 to 7
    - Plastic storage case
    - Instructions
  • Stabilize and align the PIP and DIP joints
  • Convenient compartment box keeps the sizes organized and holds the product information instructions and a penlight to make it easy to see the size etched on the bottom of the band
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic
  • Hand wash or disinfect with diluted bleach or alcohol
  • Latex-free
  • Note:
    - Not recommended for children under age 4
    - May cause choking if swallowed
  • Each splint treats:
    - Mallet Finger
    - Boutonniere
    - Swan Neck
    - Crooked Finger
    - Trigger Finger
    - Fracture

How to Use Pediatric Finger Splint Kit?

  • To position the finger in up to 20 degrees of flexion or hyperextension:
    - Apply pressure upwards on the band and downwards on each end of the oval to alter the depth of the splint.
    - Maintain pressure until fully cooled. Reheat in increments of 2-3 seconds if necessary.
  • To shorten the splint to allow PIP joint motion:
    - When worn as a mallet finger splint, the Oval-8 may need to be shortened to allow full PIP joint motion.
    - Choose a splint that fits comfortably on the joint and then choose a splint one size smaller as shortening the splint will also increase size.
    - Heat the splint as described.
    - Squeeze the ends of the oval section together to shorten and increase the depth of the splint. Maintain pressure until fully cooled.





1-13/16" (4.5cm)


1-15/16" (4.95cm)


2-1/16" (5.27cm)


2-3/16" (5.7cm)


2-5/16" (5.86cm)

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