Teakworks4u manufactures teak bathroom mats, shower benches, shower seats, transfer seats, etc. They are made from best quality teak which provides slip resistance even in high moisture environments. Teakworks4u products offer comfort, style, safety and are used in many houses, hotels and spas all over the world. Their unique ability transforms the customized needs of users into a beautiful art work that is not only functional but also enhances the decor of the house. We offer a wide range of Teakworks4u products in different designs and sizes for varied customer requirements.

Teakworks4u Wood Options

Teak used in Teakworks4u products has a non-skid surface with little raised grain which does not chip or split. It is highly desirable in moisture rich conditions. Heartwood of teak contains oil that is water resistant and prevents the attacks from microbes. This oil also gives a natural shine without any need of oil or varnish. Teakworks4u products come in two types of wood: Burmese Teak and Plantation Teak. Both of them have color variations which often complement the other woods in the home.

  • Burmese Teak: It is pure heartwood taken out from mature teak trees which are grown in Indonesia or South-East Asia region. Burmese Teak has a beautiful rich color with unique grain patterns that adds to the beauty of the place where it is used. The high silica content makes it ideal for use when a slip resistant surface is required. The natural oil makes it mold and mildew resistant.
  • Plantation Teak: It is FSC certified and harvested from the plantation of younger teak trees. Plantation Teak also consists of the heartwood of the tree and therefore possesses similar qualities to that of Burmese Teak. It is a little lighter in color and needs a bit more maintenance.

How to clean Teakworks4u Products?

Although teak is naturally resistant to microbes and bacteria, there is still a slight build up soap or other impurities from water. These need to cleaned on regular basis to promote the life of products. Follow the below given steps to perform quick cleaning of Teakworks4u products.

  • Take cleaning solution and liberally apply it on the surface of the teak. Thereafter allow it soak in for 1-2 minutes.
  • Use a soft bristle brush and scrub the surface of teak to loosen the deeply imbedded soap scum and impurities. Then wash with clean water.
  • If required, clean and disinfect completely several times.
  • Allow the teak surface to completely dry.
  • At last, apply a coat of teak conditioning oil so that the surface is as good as new again.

We offer a variety of Teakworks4u products like Teakworks4u Wall Mount Fold Down Teak Shower Bench, Teakworks4u ADA Wall Mount Shower Seat, Teakworks4u Bath Mat, etc.

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