For over 25 years, Fitter International, also known as FitterFirst has been a leading manufacturer and developer in rehabilitation products for clinical and home use. The innovative products help to get and stay healthy for the older and injured people. These include Exercise balls, Foam rollers, Balance boards, Bongo Boards, Exercise mats, weight vests, tubing-banding, Active sitting chairs, Kids wellness products and much more.  

By providing a distinctive blend of high-quality fitness goods that assist people in achieving their fitness objectives and leading a long and healthy life, Fitterfirst's mission is to establish a company founded on integrity, commitment, hard work, value, and a desire to assist others. 

Age gracefully with FitterFirst’s unique mix of products whether you are a health professional, athlete, ergonomic specialist or are interested in maintaining better personal and family fitness and wellness. 

Some of the most popular product lines from Fitter International include the following -  

  1. Resistance and Stretch – FitterFirst offers a wide range of Resistance cables and bands, Foam Rollers, Exercise balls, Hand and Foot Exercisers, Stretching equipments and related accessories. 
  2. Massage and Relief – Fitter International provides its expertise in all sorts of massage equipments and creams and balms required for the speedy recovery of injured people. 
  3. Exercise and Training – Some of the most popular and top selling Exercise equipments include Balance Boards, Exercise Balls, Ski training, Yoga, Strength and Agility Training, and all related accessories. 
  4. Productivity – Fitterfirst always keeps productivity first! Some of the well-built products include Active Standing, Anyi-Fatigue Mats, Active Sitting,  Chair Alternatives and lots of related accessories. 

Where can I Buy Fitter International Products online? 

At Health Products For You, we have listed wide array Fitter International products under Exercise & Mobility, Pediatric Medical Supplies, and Shop by Need categories. 

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