Amoena Balance Contact Oval 287B Breast Form
Amoena Balance Contact Oval 287B Breast Form

Amoena Balance Contact Oval 287B Breast Form

Brand/Manufacturer: AMOENA
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Amoena Balance Contact Oval 287B Breast Forms are adhesive breast shapers that adhere directly to the body. Amoena’s Balance partial breast shapers will perfect your outline whether you have had breast-conserving surgery, want to even out your shape following reconstruction, or have uneven breast development.

  • Skin-friendly adhesive silicone shapers fill in where you need it and keep everything smooth.
  • Oval shaped partial breast form with tapered underarm extension are ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra.
  • Designed to mold to your own breast tissue, the tapered edges and soft, lifelike silicone ensure a smooth, natural look.
  • Provides comfort and incorporates temperature balancing technology  

Item #DescPkgPrice 
287B Balance Oval Breast Form, Size 1 Each $244.38 $212.50
287B Balance Oval Breast Form, Size 3 Each $319.97 $212.50
287B Balance Oval Breast Form, Size 5 Each $319.97 $212.50
287B Balance Oval Breast Form, Size 7 Each $319.97 $212.50
287B Balance Oval Breast Form, Size 9 Each $319.97 $212.50

Benefits Of Amoena Balance Contact Oval Breast Form

  • Consists of two partial layers:
    - A very soft cup silicone layer in regular weighted silicone
    - Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the back side
  • Features super-soft film on the cup side with finely tapered edges makes Balance virtually undetectable under clothing
  • Extra soft silicone, covered with a thin film to cling gently to the operated breast
  • Finely tapered edges give a natural join with the body
  • Oval shaped partial, tapered at one end and ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra
  • Distributes weight more evenly, thereby helping to relieve stress on the shoulders and back
  • Has an adhesive surface which has been thoroughly tested and is kind to the skin
  • Gives a feeling of total security, allowing to completely forget about wearing a breast form
  • Adheres directly to the chest wall making it easier to accept as part of the body
  • Ideal to wear with figure-hugging clothes
  • Available with a Contact adhesive backing
  • Comes in a soft carry-case for discreet storage
  • Color: Ivory

Amoena Balance

  • Balance Oval contact has contact backing only at the top as it is a partial breast form and is designed to fit fully over remaining breast tissue left from a partial mastectomy or uneven breast alignment, and move over the top which gives a more natural feel
  • Balance symmetry shapers restore breast shape and body symmetry Worn inside the bra and is curved to match the body shape, filling the cup perfectly
  • Even though after breast-conserving surgery or reconstruction balanced breasts may not always seem necessary from a medical perspective, this aspect is extremely important for peace of mind and confidence
  • Available in a variety of sizes so that every woman can feel self-assured in every situation 
  • Always up-to-date with the latest surgery methods 
  • Amoena Balance symmetry shapers are not just for women who have had breast-conserving surgery, they are ideal for any woman who has naturally uneven breasts and who would like a more symmetrical shape

Breast Form Literature

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Why to Wear an Amoena Breast Form?

How to Clean Amoena Breast Forms?

  • Put three drops of the Soft Cleanser on the dry adhesive surface and then moisten the special Soft Brush with lukewarm water.
  • Now scrub the adhesive surface with the special brush firmly for about three minutes in circular movements.
  • Then rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.
  • Finally allow to air-dry.

Care Instructions:

  • Breast forms should be cleaned with a gentle soap.
  • The form can be dried with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Place breast form in the cradle provided in the soft carrying case or breast form box.


  • The use of talcum powder and body lotions on or around the area where the breast form is placed should be avoided.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
I want to order an asymmetrical breast form for my right breast. I can't find an option for left or right.
Pam - 1/12/2016 6:05:23 PM
answer image
Amoena Balance Contact Oval 287B Breast Form is a symmetrical Breast Form. This breast form fits both the sides.
Customer Care - 9/21/2017 3:31:04 AM
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