Attends is leading incontinence brand in the market that offers diverse products to fit the different lifestyles of the people. Attends incontinence products meet the needs of a wide range of individuals – all ages, stages of incontinence and activity levels. They are designed especially for long-term care facilities, hospitals and other professional healthcare environments. Attends offers right disposable incontinence product to the right person at the right time in his or her life. It addresses acquisition, rewet, leakage protection and many other factors that help promote healthy skin, assisting the caregiver in providing better patient care and exceeding regulatory needs. Attends incontinence products include protective underwear, briefs and diapers, incontinence pads, wipes and washcloths, under-pads and tissues for women, men and youth. These products are indicated for light to severe urinary and fecal incontinence for sedentary and ambulatory users. The Attends Discreet brand features pads and underwear that are ideal for active individuals with light to moderate incontinence.

Some of the benefits of Attends incontinence products are as follows:

  • Promote faster patient recovery
  • Ensure maximum dryness and healthy skin
  • Reduce patient falls related to a failed incontinence product
  • Enable more restful sleep
  • Improve patient comfort and overall mood
  • Promote healthy outcomes and reduce hospital re-admittance
  • Feature a full line of products to fit the varying customer needs
  • Reduce laundry volume from wet clothing and bedding
  • Reduce labor and total cost of care

Attends Technology

Attends has included various innovations in its product designs that not only meet patient needs but also include the needs of caregivers. Attends Healthcare products use the latest technology to make the briefs and diapers breathable and to keep the incontinent patients cooler and drier. They are made up with a very high quality and contain highly absorbent pulp.

Advanced DermaDry Technology

Attends DermaDry Technology is a powerhouse of benefits, including breathable fabric, Rapid Lock Dual Core and premium softness. Rapid Lock Dual Core provides improved absorption and superior dryness to Attends Healthcare products. Premium softness of cloth-like inner and outer coverings improves comfort.

SuperSorb Dryness Layer

SuperSorb Dryness Layer of Attends incontinence products include a targeted layer of enhanced absorbent material. It is used to maximize patient well being and minimize wetness.

Dry-Lock Dryness Layer

Dry-Lock Dryness Layer enhances performance by accelerating absorption and pulling moisture in. It helps Attends incontinence products to prevent moisture from resurfacing, minimizing leakage and improving skin dryness.

Dry-Lock Containment Core

Dry-Lock Containment Core contains a larger amount of super absorbent material to lock in more moisture. It offers high-capacity absorption to Attends incontinence products without added bulk and weight. Dry-Lock core also improves skin dryness and reduces leakage over extended time.

Diapers and Briefs

Attends diapers and briefs are suggested for individuals who need maximum protection against incontinence. They generally provide more coverage than protective underwear. Attends adult diapers are suitable for overnight protection and heavy to severe incontinence. They are especially ideal for individuals who are sedentary or need assistance getting to the bathroom. Attends diapers and briefs have adhesive tapes tabs that can be fastened on the sides. They can be changed easily without removing the clothing completely in a sitting or lying position. Here at HPFY, there is a wide range of high quality and versatile adult diapers and briefs from Attends Healthcare. These products are comfortable, skin friendly and developed to provide superior fit and containment for a long period of time.

Attends Diapers and Briefs provide a number of benefits:

  • Super absorbent
  • Longer periods of uninterrupted quality sleep
  • Drier and more comfortable user experience throughout both day and night
  • Comfortable and sensitive to the skin
  • Superior softness
  • Increased overall skin health
  • Ensure user security and dignity

Attends Briefs Size Chart

Size Hips Height Weight Women's Size Men's Size
Small 20" - 32" 4'10" - 5'2" 85 - 100 lbs 4 - 6 22" - 32"
Medium 32" - 44" 5'3" - 6'2" 105 - 150 lbs 8 - 14 32" - 44"
Regular 44" - 56" 4'10" - 5'6" 125 - 220 lbs 12 - 18 Petite 44" - 56" Short
Large 44" - 58" 5'7" - 6'2" 155 - 235 lbs 16-20 44" - 58"
X-Large 58" - 63" 4'10" - 6'2" 215 - 250 lbs 22-24 58" - 63"
XX-Large 63" - 70" 4'10" - 6'2" 250 - 300 lbs 26-28 63" - 70"
XXX-Large (Bariatric) 70" - 90" 4'10" - 6'2" 300+ lbs 28+ 70" - 90"

Protective Underwear and Pants

Attends Protective Underwear is the perfect choice for those individuals who want more protection than a pad. It is pulled up and worn under clothing just like regular underwear. Attends Protective Underwear is comfortable, slim-fitting and discreet, providing security and confidence to those suffering from moderate to heavy incontinence. Improved design with breathable material, premium softness and barrier leg cuffs offers ultimate comfort and protection to the user. Super absorbent core and anti-leak guards help keep the user dry and fresh.

Attends pull ups are most commonly preferred by those individuals who are active and always on the go. They pull-on and pull-off like regular underwear and do not need tapes, tabs, straps or buttons. Highly absorbent core of these pull ups provides 4-6 hours of protection on an average. Attends protective underwear and pants provide medium, heavy and overnight protection and can be found in both disposable and reusable types.

Attends Protective Underwear Size Chart

Size Hips Weight Women's Size Men's Size
Youth/Small 22" - 36" 85 - 125 lbs 4 - 10 22" - 36"
Medium 32" - 44" 120 - 175 lbs 8 - 14 32" - 44"
Large 44" - 58" 170 - 210 lbs 16 - 20 44" - 58"
X-Large 58" - 68" 210 - 250 lbs 20 - 28 58" - 68"
XX-Large 68" - 80" 250+ lbs 28+ 68" - 80"

Pads and Liners

Attends pads and liners are suggested for individuals suffering from incontinence. They have an adhesive backing that helps them to be placed directly on the underwear. Attends incontinence pads are designed to handle different absorption levels and keep the skin dry and healthy. Attends products include bladder control pads, booster pads, male incontinence guards, panty liners, etc. that provide the best solution to handle incontinence instances. This wide product line aims at providing light, medium, heavy and daytime incontinence protection. Bladder Control pads channel and lock fluids in the core and help prevent odor. Booster Pads are to be used in combination with another absorbent product for an added layer of protection. Attends Discreet Male Incontinence Guard is perfect for preventing urine accidents and leakage in men.


Incontinence underpads by Attends Healthcare are designed to be placed on mattresses and chairs to provide protection from the accidental leakage of urine. They contain super absorbent polymers that channel and lock fluids deep in to the core and help prevent odor. Attends underpads are appropriate for use in nursing homes, hospitals and in the home. These Attends products are comfortable and designed with high quality, durable material which is soft and gentle to the skin. The wide product line of Attends underpads provides light, medium, heavy and overnight incontinence protection. Attends Supersorb Disposable Underpads, Attends Discreet Premium Underpads, Attends Dri-Sorb Plus Disposable Underpads, Attends Positioning Underpads are few amongst them.

Washcloths and Wipes

Attends incontinence washcloths and wipes provide a great sanitary solution to people who are bed or wheelchair bound. They have highly absorbent material and cloth-like feel that is gentle on skin and reduces irritation. These washcloths and wipes are durable and ensure hygienic and soothing cleansing. Attends Washcloths are hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin and do not require rinsing. Attends Quickables Dry Wipes can absorb 8 to 10 times their own weight. They are sanitary alternative to non-disposable cloths. Attends Discreet Flushable Wipes reduce the risk of cross-contamination and costs of frequent linen laundering. Attends TissuePak Facial Tissues are disposable wipes that are soft yet strong and do not easily break.