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Damozelle does not want to see your pretty faces puzzled about what to buy from your un-used FSA dollars!

Have you had a mastectomy (with or without reconstruction) recently? Do you want a stylish and yet comfortable bra or camisole for yourself? Have you become a new mom? Are you prepared enough for your motherhood? Do you know that our FSA-eligible items may cover your mastectomy, feminine hygiene, and maternity needs affordably? The answer is YES!!

  • Maternity clothes - Expenses for maternity clothes are not reimbursable.
  • Maternity support - Expenses paid for a maternity support band are reimbursable.

Damozelle's wide range of mastectomy products, feminine hygiene care, maternity care, and other feminine accessories relating to general health care is the solution to your questions and confusions. Our amazing women’s health essentials can maximize your FSA benefits. Let's dig into these benefits one by one.

Damozelle accept FSA Card for maternity and feminine hygiene essentials

A Flexible Spending Account or FSA is an account connected to a health care plan offered by your employer. Your account is funded by your own paycheck but before-tax. You can use these funds within a year for your potential medical expenses that are FSA eligible as per the terms settled between you and your employer.

How to qualify for FSA to shop for women's healthcare and mastectomy products?

This plan is only for those who are employed in an organization. Freelancers and self-employed people are not eligible for this. An exception can be made with respect to the key employees and highly compensated individuals determined by the standards given under the IRS. Always remember to use your FSA funds before the year ends otherwise you will lose all the money. Remember that your FSA provider can choose to allow a grace period for you to use FSA funds or a carryover of a certain amount (for the year 2021 to 2022, it is up to $500 - $550) of FSA funds into the next year, but not both

It is advisable to shop your FSA-approved (products/ incontinent products) up to a defined limit set by your FSA administrator or your employer. If no such limit is set by the organization you are working in, then such purchase should be made within the limits of $2,750 as set and regulated by the ISR.

For further tax-related queries and FSA visit: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-dft/p969--dft.pdf

How healthcare FSA can save you money at Damozelle?

The amount kept aside for FSA are pre-tax dollars that lower your taxable income. You are not required to contribute further towards healthcare FSA. However, this plan is at your employer's discretion, which gives him/her liberty to create the terms differently but anyhow it will help you save money if used smartly

Use your FSA money in smarter ways with Damozelle | Nursing, Maternity, Menstruation, Mastectomy

Eliminate the risk of incontinence and menstrual leakage:

Handle your hygiene incidents and make the best use of your FSA funds. These feminine pads are made from soft, super-absorbent, and quality materials. You can save yourself from the embarrassment of leakage and feel safe with these pads. Investing in pads is completely worth your FSA money.

Cardinal Health Thin Pad with Wings Medline Maxi Sanitary Pads Flat-D Female Total Odor Control Pad Prenatal vitamins - Prenatal vitamins are eligible for FSA reimbursement.

Give comfort to your baby-bump with maternity support belts

Relieve yourself from the abdominal and back strain with maternity support belts during pregnancy. The orthotic supports and belly bands named below help to alleviate the pain that occurs from hip-separation and pubic-symphysis. You deserve this comfort in your tough days, do not wait, do FSA shopping online and use your FSA dollars to buy these products.


Make sure your babies are getting sufficient breast-milk

Make your life easier with breast-pumps. This is the best way to make breast-milk available for your infant even when you are not around. You can spend some FSA funds here to make your postpartum life good. Also, do not worry about leaking breasts and buy disposable nursing pads for yourself. Using money on essential items is always the best idea.


How to buy FSA Approved mastectomy and maternity health supplies at Damozelle?

Gear up for shopping with Damozelle by following these steps:

  1. Pull-up your FSA wallet
  2. Step into our ONLINE store at Damozelle.com
  3. Shortlist the FSA eligible items mastectomy or nursing bra, breast forms/pads/nipples, support belts, or other hygiene essentials of your choice Make sure all these products are marked with the symbol “FSA APPROVED”
  4. Add your choices to your shopping cart
  5. Use your FSA debit, credit, or any combination of the card provided by your employer for payment. Make sure to use only your credit cards for paying for the auto-reorder of such FSA approved items.
  6. The amount will be deducted from your FSA account
  7. Although many OTC drugs and medication do not require a doctor’s prescription effected by Jan 1st, 2020, we recommend you to confirm the eligibility terms with your employer before shopping and always save your medical prescriptions and receipts with yourselves.
  8. Damozelle is determined to bring a smile to your face by fulfilling your post-surgical needs and making you feel confident about your body shape. Use your FSA cards with our Damozelle FSA Store. Shop now!
  9. Extra material: Due to the passage of the CARES Act, starting January 1, 2020, the following items are eligible for your FSA buying:
  10. Menstrual care/feminine hygiene products are now reimbursable.
  11. Over-the-counter drugs no longer require a prescription to be reimbursed.


NOTE- These suggestions which are documented here by us are related to the expenses which are currently sanctioned and acknowledged by the Internal Revenue System as deductible medical expenses. The list is not necessarily inclusive or exclusive. It is based on Damozelle interpretation of IRS Section 213(d) and it is not legal and/or financial advice. If you are looking out for more accurate information or have some questions about reimbursable health care expenses which include FSAs should be referred to a tax consultant or your health care provider. If you are using an FSA debit card for payments, all such FSA eligible items must be ordered before December 29, 2021, for FSA funds expiring December 31, 2021. Payment is not charged until orders have shipped.


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