Post-Lumpectomy Breast Forms: Restore Your Natural Self and Feel

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A lumpectomy surgically removes the tumor (the ‘lump’) and some of the normal tissue surrounding it. It is less invasive, especially when compared to a full mastectomy. So, it is termed a ‘breast conserving’ or ‘breast preservation’ surgery. It is also known as a biopsy, partial mastectomy, quadrantectomy, or wedge resection. Technically it is a partial mastectomy because only a part of the breast tissue is removed. The amount of breast tissue removed will vary depending on the size, location, and nature of the tumor. For instance, quadrantectomy means that almost a quarter of the breast is removed. 

A lumpectomy is followed by radiation therapy to kill any cancer cells. Women in the early stages of breast cancer are considered good candidates for lumpectomy. However, it is not advisable under the following conditions: 

  • Cancer is widespread. 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Multiple cancers at different locations of the same breast 
  • Prior lumpectomy with radiation therapy 
  • Large and problematic tumors 

Post-Lumpectomy – An Asymmetrical Body and Breast Forms 

Post-lumpectomy, women are faced with an altered self-image which has a direct impact on their physical and mental health. This can make something as routine as wearing clothes an unattractive task. Following a partial mastectomy, women are left with an asymmetrical body which can cause spinal curvatures, muscular pain, and postural problems. It is here that wearing breast forms or prostheses can help. 

A breast form simulates a natural breast and can be placed inside a pocketed bra or attached to the chest wall with adhesive strips. It resembles a natural breast in weight, appearance, and texture. Therefore, a breast form helps: 

  • Restore balance and symmetry of the chest and back, thereby maintaining spine alignment and avoiding any shoulder drop, back, neck, and postural problems. 
  • Restore feminine body silhouette. 
  • Protect the chest and surgical scars. 
  • Keep the bra from shifting or riding up. 

There are different types of breast forms which include: 

  • Externally worn silicone forms 
  • Non-silicone forms, made of foam or fiberfill, designed to be worn immediately after mastectomy, during workouts, and in hot weather conditions 
  • Attachable breast forms which are fastened to the chest with adhesive strips. 
  • Soft camisoles with breast forms which are worn immediately after surgery during the healing period. 


Breast forms are available in different shapes, sizes, and patterns.  

The Classique 517 Post Lumpectomy Silicone Breast Form is made of medical silicone and is covered with a matte skin-like polyurethane film. Its symmetrical form allows it to be used on both the right and left sides. It is convenient and hand-washable. 

The Trulife 533 Triangle Partial Breast Form offers light coverage for women experiencing uneven breast appearance post lumpectomy. It has smooth and tapered edges, which ensure a seamless profile under clothing and a silky-soft, matte skin finish. Since it is a symmetrical triangle, it can be worn on both the left and right sides. 


Post-Lumpectomy Vests 

Following lumpectomy, lymphedema can affect the trunk and breast. This is because of the disruption of the lymphatic drainage pathways due to partial or complete removal of the lymph nodes. As a result, there is swelling in the chest wall and breast on the same side. The swelling can be subtle or prominent and may cause swelling in the arm. 

Compression bandages, bras, and vests are used to reduce swelling. Compression bras and vests have minimal seams and wide straps to ensure adequate support to the trunk and breast tissues. They can also be customized to pocket breast forms. 

The JoviPak Bilateral Vest has adjustable shoulder straps and wide adjustable Velcro closure to tighten to the patient’s comfort level. It provides ultimate therapeutic benefits because of the outer layer of nylon/Spandex. It helps address chest wall edema and fibrosis that commonly to occur post lumpectomy. 

For women who do not choose breast reconstruction surgery after a lumpectomy, a breast form is the best way to regain the feminine silhouette post-surgery. Browse our store to choose the correct breast form and check out breast form sizing chart for the best fit. 

A woman who has undergone a lumpectomy can continue to feel and look beautiful and comfortable. She doesn’t have to give up her favorite styles or an active lifestyle. A breast prostheses can be a great way to feel better and regain confidence. 


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