Breast Forms – Triangle versus Teardrop

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Choosing a mastectomy breast form can be quite a task because there are so many varieties in the market. Top manufacturers of mastectomy and lumpectomy products are bringing out newer designs and flooding the market with countless choices. This is both advantageous and disadvantageous. The advantage is that you can be precise in your purchase and nail down exactly what you want, right to the material, size, color, type, usage, style and budget. The disadvantage is that the variety can be mind-boggling and leave you feeling completely overwhelmed!

The right approach to this should be to mentally make a note of all the things you require and pick your product accordingly, using a checklist instead of browsing through all that is available. Sometimes you know what you want but you don’t know what is available. In that case, browsing becomes necessary.

Why do you want Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis?

Why do you want to buy a breast prosthesis should be a key answer on which your purchase should be based. Are you getting it just for occasional wear, for example to a party? Will it be temporary wear while you wait for breast reconstruction? Do you want it as your permanent prosthesis post breast cancer surgery?

If your requirement is occasional wear, then you may not need to put a lot of thought into which breast form to buy and instead, base it on your budget. But, if the mastectomy breast form is going to be a replacement for your natural breast, you should work more on your selection. This is so that you get a product as close as possible to a natural breast that will make you feel relaxed, complete and confident.

How to choose the right Mastectomy Breast Form?

Often, when buying a post-mastectomy breast prosthesis, women tend to make mistakes with the shape and end up putting more stress on the material, color and budget. You must understand that the right shape is important to give you the optimum female profile. There are different breast form shapes available with each having their own characteristics. Some will droop, others give more projection, a few will have a fuller spread while there will be those designed to give a rounded look. You have to decide what shape you want to achieve and accordingly make your purchase with that intent in mind.

What is the difference between a Teardrop Breast form and a Triangle Breast form?

A common confusion occurs when choosing between triangle breast forms and teardrop breast forms. Many buyers do not understand the purpose of their individual designs. They are actually very different in the look they give. The triangle breast prosthesis is designed to give you more projection while the teardrop breast form gives you a more natural look because it is intended to mimic a woman’s breast shape.

There is no saying that one is better than the other. Both the breast forms are suitable in their own way... they are just different.

Triangular Mastectomy Breast Form

The triangular breast form is more or less designed for women with stronger pectoral muscles and those with less breast tissues removed. It has the most complete and natural bra fit, with an added droop, and is the more commonly-used shape. If you want a full breast look with an exaggerated protrusion then the triangular shape is for you. It will give you more projection and fit in fine with regular bras and pocketed bras.

You will find different styles, materials, and types of mastectomy breast forms in triangular shape... with nipple style, for swimming, rounded, athletic, non-weighted, weighted, breast forms of foam and triangle silicone breast forms, etc.

Amoena Natura 1S 396 Symmetrical Breast Form With ComfortPlus Technology Nearly Me 420 Casual Non-Weighted Foam Triangle Breast Form

Teardrop Mastectomy Breast Form

The teardrop breast form has a thinner, tissue wing or extension and is designed for women whose surgery has resulted in some underarm tissue and/or lymph glands being removed. It is more oval in shape with a pronounced tail and closely resembles a woman’s breast shape because of the tapered wing that extends from the breast towards the underarm or side of the body. The tapered end provides a better fit under the arm.

Amoena Natura Light 1S 664 Symmetrical Tear Drop Breast Forms Almost U Style 201 Lightweight Teardrop Breast Form

You will find different styles, materials, and types of Teardrop Mastectomy Breast forms with nipple style, for swimming, rounded, athletic, non-weighted, weighted, breast forms of foam and triangle silicone breast forms, etc.

There is a lot of flexibility with teardrop breast prosthesis. You can point it in any direction for achieving different looks, optimum shape and for the best fit. You could direct the thinner end towards the side, towards the shoulder or straight up... for fullness on the sides or up the chest wall. For a chestier look, you could opt for those teardrop breast forms shape which slightly exaggerates the protrusion outwards.


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