Benefits of Swimming after Breast Cancer Surgery

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After Breast Surgery (Lumpectomy), swimming is an excellent exercise to train all major muscle groups and avoid muscular atrophy repeatedly seen in post-surgical patients who remain inactive for a long period of time.

After four to six weeks of Lumpectomy when the doctor allows patients to begin moderate exercise i.e. exercise after mastectomy and reconstruction, swimming is one of the best first steps. Many doctors and swimming experts support it as one of the safest and most comfortable ways to get back into exercise. The buoyancy of water plays an important role as it reduces the pressure or strain exerted on the muscles and joints. At the same time, it also controls the body's temperature. Water, while swimming, keeps reducing the body temperature to an extent, which eases the exercise duration. This is even beneficial with the women who may be experiencing hot flashes during menopause.

Benefits of Swimming after Breast Cancer Surgery

Swimming is a great way to strengthen nearly every major muscle group. The strengthening effect on back, shoulders, and abdomen gives women better way to manage their posture while reducing the likelihood of back discomfort. The benefits are countless. After breast surgery, a woman is likely to have somewhat changed center of gravity, and that's where she must learn to posture herself differently. Stronger and more firm muscles, especially the chest, back, shoulder and abdominal, increase the pace of recovery from breast surgery. The cardiovascular benefits are amazing as well. After swimming up to a fast and steady pace for 20 minutes, heart condition and overall stamina are improved.

Burning unwanted calories and fat is great for the post-chemotherapy weight gain that many women go through. Running can be risky in the case of accidental fall. On the other hand, swimming after surgery and other water exercises can help burn calories safely and soothingly. Unlike other active sport like badminton, tennis, it is possible to swim alone at a recommended pace and stop when tired.

Guidelines for Initiating Swimming Sessions

Stretches are best for Warm-Up and Cool Down

  • Invest four to six minutes in warm-up and cool-down
  • Choose whether to stretch inside the pool or outside
  • While sitting at the edge of the pool splash water with legs or stretch the calf muscles
  • In the pool, walk slowly to adjust the body with water
  • Avoid overstretching, especially the surgical site

Don't Exceed 20 minutes for Single Stroke

  • Sidestroke is best suitable after a lateral mastectomy (working the opposite arm)
  • Avoid butterfly stroke as it is very strenuous
  • Breaststroke tones and stretches leg muscles
  • Dog-paddle stroke is great for upper-body training
  • Backstroke strengthens back muscle

Avoid Overheat during Swimming

  • Recent changes may make the body less adaptable to heat so be careful
  • Avoid the hottest part of the day as much as possible
  • Try Swimming early in the morning or later in the day (if you swim outdoors and live in warm climatic conditions)
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after the swimming session

Avoid Getting Exhausted while Swimming

  • If feeling drained, stop immediately
  • Ensure to be relaxed, not enervated

To feel confident and secure while entering the swimming pool try Mastectomy Swimwear. They have been designed keeping in mind women's requirement in the pool and are, therefore, high in protection as well as steeped in style. These swimsuits have a bra-shaped bust lining that is aimed at giving a natural look and also provides firm support.

Benefits of Swimming After lumpectomy        Benefits of Swimming after Lumpectomy
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For instance, Anita Comfort Hermine Bikini Top has pretty drapings and a decorative ring in the middle for a beautiful bust. The adjustable straps and underwiring of the bra provide proper shape and support to the busts without any restriction.

Another swimsuit like Dipsters One-Piece Patient Wear is ideal for swimming pools, hydrotherapy and other situations which require limited body coverage. It has a stretchable middle section and elasticized legs. The top of the swimsuit is held in place with the help of neck tie-string. It is made from fast-drying DuPont’s Tyvek (polyethylene) material that provides ultimate comfort.

Before starting this or any exercise program, always consult with a healthcare professional or doctor to get the approval.


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