Frequently Asked Questions on Breast Forms

What is a breast form?
A breast form is a prosthesis which is worn either inside a bra or attached to the body to simulate the weight, bounce, feel, movement and, especially, shape of the natural female breast. Depending on the material or shape used, these qualities can be achieved to different degrees. Modern silicone breast forms are designed by computers and can even be attached to the chest. Attachable breast forms can be worn with strapless dresses and lingerie.
What kinds of prosthetics are used after breast surgery?
A wide variety of breast forms and accessories from mastectomy bras to stick-on nipples are available to a woman who has had one or both breasts removed or who has had part of a breast removed. They come in many different shapes, colors and materials, depending on what you need.
Breast Form Shapes:
Full: A full breast form can be used to replace an entire breast.
Partial: This form is for use by a woman who has had breast-conserving surgery. She may want a partial form to fill out that side of the bra.
Shell: This form is hollow and fits over the breast tissue. A woman's reconstructed breast may not look exactly like her other one. She may want to use a shell on either the reconstructed breast or the natural breast to make the chest look more balanced.
Nipple only: This artificial nipple sticks onto the reconstructed breast when reconstruction does not include a nipple or you just do not like the way the new nipple looks. It can also be stuck onto a breast form that does not have a nipple.
Nipple cover: This can be used to cover a natural nipple when you do not want it to show through clothing. Sometimes reconstructed breasts do not have nipples, so you can use a nipple cover on your other breast to create a more balanced look.
Breast Form Materials:
This is the most expensive type of breast form. It looks and moves more naturally than other breast forms. It is also heavier than cotton or other material. Silicone breast forms can make your skin feel hot and sweaty.
Fiberfill or foam: These are lighter and cooler than silicone. They also cost a lot less. They do not look as natural under form-fitting tops but work well for lounging at home. They also work well if your breast is still healing from a surgery.
Homemade: Many women use things they already have in their closet, from a shoulder pad to a wad of nylons to fill out their bra cup. If you always wear loose-fitting tops that do not reveal your breast shape, a homemade breast form may be all you want.
Waterproof or water resistant: You can wear most breast forms when you swim, but many of them soak up water and get quite heavy. If you swim a lot, you might think about getting a special breast form just for swimming.
What are the benefits of getting a breast form?
Some women feel much better having both sides of the chest match under their clothes. A breast form may help your clothes fit better or keep your bra in place.
How soon can I be fitted for a prosthetic breast form after breast surgery?
Soon after surgery, a woman can be fitted with a temporary foam or fiber-filled breast form, usually while she is still in hospital. A temporary breast form restores shape but is lightweight and will not cause irritation to the sensitive skin tissue. Six to eight weeks after surgery, a woman can generally be fitted with a permanent weighted silicone breast form which more closely meets her long-term requirements.
Can people tell I am wearing a breast form?
Silicone breast forms move very much like a natural breast and adapt to the natural temperature of the body. With a properly shaped, sized and fitted breast form, no one should be able to tell you are wearing it. The type of bra and clothing worn can affect being read to some degree, of course, but today's breast forms are remarkably realistic and can be matched fairly closely to many people's skin tone and natural breast shape.
How do I care for my breast form and how long will it last?
Care should be taken with sharp objects to prevent the outer film of the breast form from being punctured or damaged. A breast form should be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, and dried gently after use. When not in use, the breast form should be stored in its cradle in the box it came in, to help maintain the shape of the form and prevent accidental damage.
Can I wear a breast form while swimming?
Silicone breast forms will normally not be damaged by chlorine or salt water and can be worn in the swimming pool, ocean or Jacuzzi. After use the silicone breast form should be cleaned and dried gently.
Why should I go to a professional fitter?
Every woman is different. There are hundreds of sizes, styles and shapes of breast forms that have been created to match a woman's remaining natural breast. Professional fitters are trained to measure and select the appropriate prosthesis for each individual woman.
If I am very small breasted or had partial surgery such as a lumpectomy, do I still need breast prosthesis?
Yes. Even if you are small breasted or had a partial surgery, you should still replace the weight. You will also need the weight to help hold your bra in place around the rib cage. A light non-weighted form adds shaping in a bra but may slip up during certain movements.
What is an Elliptical Shaper Breast Form?
Elliptical Shaper Breast Form fits in all types of bras and swimsuits and flatters all figures. The single layer of firm silicone retains its shape, even in the water. The lightweight silicone of this shaper softly shapes to the breast as needed. One edge of the elliptical shape is a thick wedge that can fill in deficits, while the other edge is thin and tapered to provide an invisible transition.
What is a Breast Form with Pocket-Loc?
Breast Form with Pocket-Loc is designed specifically with a particular line of bras in mind. It can be worn with any of the bras, this breast form locks perfectly in place providing extra comfort and security. The lightweight silicone in this form is easy to wear and putting less strain on the back and shoulders.
What is a Dual-Soft Triangle Breast Form?
Dual-Soft Triangle Breast Form gives dual softness, comfort and security and provides a super soft front and super soft back layer without comprising support and security. This breast form remarkably holds its shape while maintaining its softness and huggability.
What is the use of a Flowable Back Triangle Breast Form?
Flowable Back Triangle Breast Form is designed with flowable gel in the back to hug the body and contour to the chest wall where there may be deficits. It has broader base which easily accommodates the needs of women with wider chest walls and shallower breasts.
What is the use of a Massage Form Attach Breast Form?
Massage Form Attach Breast Form has special channels that hug the chest wall for a more comfortable fit. It is made with skin friendly adhesive to keep you secure and cool. Massage back reduces perspiration and increases dryness. Gel adhesive is attached to the back so no skin support is needed.
What is Massage Form Air Breast Form?
Massage Form Air Breast Form combines high quality, lightweight silicone for comfort and softness with a functional shape and profile. Patended channel design on the back creates a gentle massaging action while providing a secure fit. It massages, cools and hugs the chest wall and allows for continuous air flow.