Frequently Asked Questions on Breast Enhancers

What are breast enhancers?
Breast Enhancers give the appearance of extra breast tissue which creates a fuller size and shape. They are designed to give the desired curves, great look and the ever-growing confidence you were looking for. They are coated with a sheer protective polyurethane exterior and can be used as a gel insert for a bra.
How are breast enhancers used and what are they made of?
These full enhancers are contoured to fit comfortably over the breasts, providing a completely natural looking and feeling enhancement to your bustline. They are made of a specially-developed silicone gel that closely simulates the consistency and softness of real breast tissue. They mold naturally to your breast shape and warm to your body temperature.
Who needs to use breast enhancers?
Breast enhancers are now regarded as an everyday fashion accessory and are widely used by women of all ages, backgrounds and careers. They are also popular with mothers whose breasts have changed shape after childbirth and women who have noticed a loss in fullness due to aging.
Are breast enhancers safe to use?
Yes, breast enhancers are completely safe to use. They are designed to be inserted into your bra or swimsuit and worn outside the body. There is none of the health risks associated with breast implants and surgery and the effect is completely reversible. Wear them only when you want to or with certain outfits.
Will breast enhancers remain safely in place inside my bra?
The non-slip polyurethane surface of the breast enhancer is designed to stay in place without the need for tape or adhesives of any kind. You can wear them with confidence and not need to worry about them slipping out or changing position.
How significant will the change in my appearance be? Will my friends and family notice?
The effect of enhancers on your bustline can range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the clothes you are wearing, your overall frame and the size of enhancer you select. The most common reaction to women wearing enhancer is that people think they look healthier, better-proportioned and thinner, rather than noticing the larger bustline in itself. Of course, if you choose the Large or Extra Large size, the effect will be more pronounced and noticeable to others.