ConvaTec GentleCath Female Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter With Sterile Water Sachet

ConvaTec GentleCath Female Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter With Sterile Water Sachet

Brand/Manufacturer: CONVATEC
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  • Prescription required
  • FSA Approved

ConvaTec GentleCath Female Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter With Sterile Water Sachet has a wall attachment and unique no-touch handling strip to provide an intermittent catheter that allows the catheter to be prepared, used and discarded without the need for direct hand contact with the catheter. It eliminates residual urine preventing bladder infections. This catheter is coated with a hydrophilic polymer that reacts with water to create a smooth, slippery coating on the surface of the catheter.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
508988 8 FR Each
508988 8 FR 30/Pack
508989 10 FR Each
508989 10 FR 30/Pack
508990 12 FR Each
508990 12 FR 30/Pack
508991 14 FR Each
508990 12 FR 120/Case
508992 16 FR Each
508992 16 FR 30/Pack
509007 With Sterile Water Sachet and Kit,14FR 10/Pack
509007 With Sterile Water Sachet and Kit, 14FR Each

GentleCath Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter Features

  • Helps minimize the risk of infection with no-touch catheterization
  • Prevents the bladder from over filling
  • Reduce the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Tube length: 210mm/8.3in
  • Click Here For User Manual

How To Use Hydrophilic Urinary Catheter?

  • Before you begin, gather the following items: catheter, water-based lubricant, washcloth or antiseptic wipe and a receptacle to void into if a toilet is not available.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and then choose the position that is most comfortable for you. Move your pelvis forward as much as possible to get a better view.
  • You may want to use a hand mirror at first so you can see everything and get an idea of insertion placement.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Clean the genital area from the front to the back, from the inside to the outside, with soap and water.
  • Break the sterile water sachet Then let the water run down into the package.
  • To activate the hydrophilic coating, make sure the catheter is soaked in water for at least 15 seconds.
  • Open the package by peeling the tabs on the connector side.
  • With one hand, spread the labia (the loose tissue on either side of the urethra) apart and lift it gently upwards.
  • The urethra opening should now be visible.
  • With the other hand, slowly push the catheter into the urethra until the urine starts to flow.
  • Make sure the funnel end is pointing into a container.
  • When the urine starts to flow, push the catheter in a little (one or two cms/half an inch) to make sure that it is fully inside the bladder.
  • To make sure the bladder is emptied completely, remove the catheter slowly and stop if more urine starts to flow.

ConvaTec GentleCath Urinary Catheter Specificaton

Particulars Specifications
Catheter Length 8.3 Inches
Gender Female
Catheter Coating Hydrophilic
Catheter Tip Straight
Catheter Material Hydrophilic Coated PVC
Catheter Style Coated Catheters
Catheter French Size 8FR,12FR,14FR

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