Anita Care Active Weight Reduce Prosthesis Swim Breast Form

Anita Care Active Weight Reduce Prosthesis Swim Breast Form

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Anita Care Active Weight Reduce Prosthesis Swim Breast Form is ideal for sports, especially for swimming. It features a patented ribbed construction, developed especially for lightweight requirements and all sporting activities. This swim breast form allows water to drain away quickly while swimming and also ensures that the breast form is not pushed upwards. The asymmetrical shape is recommended for optimal compensation in the underarm area.

4 Reasons to buy 1054X Active Swim Forms

  1. Hand Wash
  2. Can be worn on either side
  3. Chlorine resistant
  4. Exceptionally Skin Friendly

Item# 1054X

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Why choose Anita Care Active Weight Reduce Breast Forms?

  • Special breast form that women can wear during sports
  • The air chambers stop the breast form from sitting entirely on the skin, thus increasing air circulation. This can also help prevent excessive sweating caused by doing exercise or taking medication.
  • With the Light & Active breast forms, active women can plan their day’s sports, relying on secure support and optimum air circulation
  • Patented ribbed construction with a special, lightweight design
  • Brilliantly suited to all sports activities
  • The water runs away more quickly when swimming thanks to the ribbed structure
  • The skin can breathe thanks to the air chamber
  • Up to 25% lighter than comparable full breast forms with silicone gel
  • Can be used on both sides
  • The ribbed design ensures pleasant skin milieu and reduced weight

What to buy with Anita Care Active Swim Forms?

When to use Anita 1054X Weight Reduce Breast Forms?

  • For heavy breasts
  • Compensation after full mastectomy
  • With tendency to lymph-oedema

How to care for Anita Care Active Weight Reduce Prosthesis Swim Breast Forms?

  • On breast forms with a microfiber backing, the fabric should not be pulled or torn when wet
  • Wash by hand with liquid soap or take into the shower
  • Saltwater and water with chlorine, sun creams, etc. are not damaging, but aggressive cleaning agents and solvents will damage the breast form
  • Dab the wet textile section with a paper or cotton towel; drying time approx 1 hour
  • Pointed or sharp objects (such as animal claws) can damage the film; such damage is irreparable

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