Disposable Incontinence Pants for Women

Female urinals help in easy urination and are especially designed according to the female anatomy. They help women who have difficulty getting out of bed, suffer from frequent urination, or are pregnant and suggested bed-rest. They can be used in different positions with the help of their easy grip handles. They are not only spill-proof, but some models also store urine throughout the night for a restful sleep. At Damozelle, we offer an extensive range of female urinals from the top-selling brands like First Quality - Prevail, Kimberly-Clarke, Attends @ attractive prices!

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Choosing The Right Incontinence Pant For Women

While choosing an incontinence pant, it is very important to consider its size and absorbency level. Disposable pants are available in several sizes and absorbencies. You can start with the least absorbent underwear and move on to the higher levels if required.

1. Absorbency Level

Disposable incontinence pants get heavier as their absorbency increases. You need to find out the right balance of absorbency and discreetness that will suit your lifestyle. You can go for an absorbent pad in the day time and a protective underwear in the night time if your urine flow is moderate in the day but heavier in the night.

2. Disposable Pant Size

Measure your waist and hip around the widest part to find the right size incontinence pant. Compare the measurements with the ones provided by the manufacturer and choose accordingly. The product should not be too tight nor too loose because the tight fit will cause rashes and the loose fit will cause urine leakage.