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An alternative to reconstruction, breast prosthesis are kind of breast forms made to replicate breasts. These are made of different materials like silicone, foam or fibre fill, that can be worn inside a bra or inclined to the body with an adhesive.  

We present you with a complete range of breast cancer prosthesis products that are versatile and designed to give you a natural and comfortable feel. Manufactured by experienced makers like AmoenaABCAnita CareNearly Me and Classique at affordable prices. In different styles and shapes for you to choose from, matching your body shape and need.

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What is Mastectomy Prosthesis Breast Form?

Breast form is an artificial breast form that replaces the shape of a breast that has been removed entirely or in part. It is designed to fit in a bra cup with or without a bra pocket. Most of the breast prostheses are made of silicone, and they are formed to resemble the natural shape of a woman's breast. The outer surface is soft and smooth, with a nipple outline. Many women who have had breast cancer surgery but no reconstruction wear a breast prosthesis. It may, however, be useful for women whose breasts are naturally different in shape or size.

Types of Mastectomy Breast Forms we have

1.Foam/Fiberfill Forms : Fiberfill forms are created to fit in a variety of bras to add completion and lift. Ideal for use immediately after surgery and lightweight in nature. Available in varied shapes and sizes.

2.Attachable Forms : Attachable Forms are ideal for wearing with strapless dresses and tops and provide complete security.

3.Swim/Exercise Forms  : Swim Breast forms are designed to be used while swimming or for other sports activities. They are made to dry off quickly and retain their shape even in the water thus, providing security and confidence. Mastectomy swim breast forms are considerably lighter than other prostheses and come with a versatile shape that gives a great, natural-looking outline.

Benefits of Mastectomy Prosthesis Breast Forms

  • Wearing a mastectomy breast form has a positive effect on physical well-being. 
  • Breast Forms weight will help improve posture and decrease strain on the back. 
  • Breast prosthetic helps to cover post-surgery scars 
  • Wearing a breast form also degrade the chances of muscle and bone problems after the surgery.


When to Use Mastectomy Breast Forms?


  • Mastectomy breast forms can be worn externally or can be attached to the skin. 
  • External mastectomy form is worn inside mastectomy pocketed bras. 
  • Attachable breast forms are useful for those who do not want to wear pocketed bras and can use a prosthesis attached to the skin with adhesive. 
  • Camisole breast form is suitable for the person who has just undergone breast surgery, and scars are yet to be healed. 
  • There is no bra involved, and the breast prostheses are slipped inside a soft camisole on the body. 
  • If wearing a top with a built-in shelf bra, there is no need for a mastectomy bra.


What to Consider While Buying Breast Forms?


Several factors are involved while buying a mastectomy bra. These include:

1.Mastectomy Form Design:

Symmetrical Forms : Symmetrical breast forms are comfortable to wear for a long time and developed to provide superior fit and containment. Breast forms are ideal for those who have uneven breasts and need a more symmetrical shape. It can fit both the right and the left sides. Available in oval, triangle, tapered, or teardrop shapes. You can have a look at Nearly Me 420 breast form 

Asymmetrical Forms  : Asymmetrical breast form is more comfortable and designed specifically for either the right or the left side. Because of its design, asymmetrical breast prosthesis is best for lymph nodes or if the tissue is removed from under the arm.

2.Breast Form Fit:

There are three types of fits available in breast forms – average, full, and shallow fit.

  • Average fit breast forms are for women who are looking for lower necklines and minimum coverage. 
  • Full-fit mastectomy breast forms are bought by those women who need full fitting. 
  • Shallow fit mastectomy forms are for women with semi-full profiles and provide a high transition to the upper chest wall where less volume is required.


3.Mastectomy Breast Form Shape:


You can choose from different breast form shapes - triangular, heart shape, oval shape and teardrop.

  • Triangular mastectomy form is meant for all surgery and body types. It fits well in post-surgical camisoles and pocketed bras. 
  • Oval shape breast forms can be positioned anywhere on the breast. Also, it can be rotated and positioned as needed. 
  • Heart shape breast forms provide a natural outline to keep the patient feeling comfortable and confident. 
  • Teardrop breast prosthesis gives a versatile shape that tapers at the top extension and allows several positioning options.


What Size Prosthetic Breast Forms Should I Get?


The most important thing about wearing a mastectomy breast form is getting the size right. Comfort and wear time extension will depend on this factor. So before buying a breast form post surgery, check our breast prosthesis size chart.


Where can I buy Mastectomy Forms?


At Demozelle Store, we have a wide range of breast forms from top-selling brands such as CLASSIQUE INC. , NEARLY ME  , AMOENA ETC. Demozelle Store offers amazing discounts and rewards. Shop Now!


Mastectomy Prosthesis Breast Forms FAQs


Q1. How do you take care of a Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis?

Ans. Hand wash the prosthesis breast forms after every wear. Use lukewarm water and mild soap to clean. Rinse the prosthesis completely and pat it dry with a towel.

Q2. How often should you clean a breast prosthesis?


Ans. It is advised to wash your prosthesis 1-2x a week.

Q3. How do you store Mastectomy Prosthesis Breast Forms?

Ans. To assure your breast forms never lose their natural shape, it is always great to store them in the box when you aren't wearing them.

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