Medicath Hi-Slip Full Plus Hydrophilic Catheter - Pediatric/Female

Medicath Hi-Slip Full Plus Hydrophilic Catheter - Pediatric/Female

Brand/Manufacturer: MEDICATH LLC
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  • Prescription required
  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Medicath Hi-Slip Full Plus Hydrophilic Catheter - Pediatric/Female comes with a packet of sterile water to provide cleanliness no matter where the user is. An attachable urine collection bag is included, offering the freedom to choose when and where to use a bag.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
HS.FPF2008 8FR Each
HS.FPF2008 8FR 10/Pack
HS.FPF2010 10FR Each
HS.FPF2010 10FR 10/Pack

Hi-Slip Full Plus Hydrophilic Catheter Features

  • For single use only
  • Length: 8"
  • For those with limited dexterity, it eliminates the need to manipulate the catheter and knot the bag 
  • Reduces the risk of urine leakage during and after catheterization

How to use Hi-slip Full Plus Catheter?

  • Wash your hands before catheterization.
  • Break the water sachet by using one of the illustrated methods:
    • By folding and squeezing (make sure not to fold over more than half the length of the water sachet to avoid water going the wrong way).
    • By placing your index finger on the water sachet, approximately half way down. Then use your thumb to fold the sachet around your index finger and squeeze. Then let the water run down into the package. 
  • You can stick the package onto any dry surface using the self-adhesive tape on the package. 
  • Make sure that the catheter is soaked in water for at least 15 seconds, and get ready for catheterization. 
  • Open the package by peeling the tabs on the connector side. 
  • Connect the catheter to the urine collection bag before removing the catheter from the package. 
  • By using the blue removable slider for non-touch technique to hold on to, you can perform catheterization conveniently without ever touching the catheter. If needed, the removable slider can be removed before or during catheterization
  • Use the insertion supplies (gloves, under pad and antiseptic pad) as instructed by your physician or nurse.

What is Intermittent Catheterization?

Intermittent Catheterization is draining of the bladder of urine at regular intervals using a catheter in order:

  • To prevent leaking and dribbling of urine
  • To prevent repeated bladder and kidney infections (infections may cause permanent kidney damage)
  • To prevent reflux (backflow) of urine from the bladder to the kidneys

How do hydrophilic catheters differ from conventional intermittent catheters ?

  • Hydrophilic catheters have a special surface that binds water. When activated this makes hydrophilic catheters extremely slippery, which means that the abrasion caused by the catheter on the urethra is minimized. You do not need any additional lubricant when using a hydrophilic catheter. 
  • Hydrophilic catheters have much lower friction than conventional catheters. This means less damage to the urethra.

Are hydrophilic catheters reusable ?

No. The hydrophilic surface deteriorates after one use. If reused, friction will increase and the risk of urinary tract infections and urethral trauma will be higher.

Are hydrophilic catheters latex free ?

Hydrophilic catheters, like conventional catheters, may or may not be latex free. All hi-slip catheters are latex free.

Do I need a lubricant when using a hydrophilic catheter?

All you need is to soak the catheter in water, no additional lubricant is needed. Even without the messy lubricant the hydrophilic catheter will get better and more evenly lubricated as water is extremely slippery. As opposed to an external lubricant the water will stay on the catheter, which means that it will also be lubricated on withdrawal.

How often do I need to catheterize?

The frequency varies due to indication, size of the bladder and intake of fluid. Usually 4 to 5 times per day is sufficient. Your doctor or nurse will determine what is best for you.

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