BSN Jobst Ultrasheer 20-30mmHg Open Toe Thigh High Firm Compression Stockings with Silicone Dot Band

BSN Jobst Ultrasheer 20-30mmHg Open Toe Thigh High Firm Compression Stockings with Silicone Dot Band

Brand/Manufacturer: BSN MEDICAL
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  • Latex Free

BSN Jobst Ultrasheer 20-30mmHg Open Toe Thigh High Firm Compression Stockings are lightweight, comfortable and highly effective in optimizing leg health. It offers 20-30 mmHg of medical gradient compression to relieve tired, swollen, achy legs and feet. Ultrasheer compression stockings feature sheer support hosiery combining style with therapeutic effectiveness and silicone lace band that provides better air circulation.

BSN Jobst Ultrasheer Thigh High Compression Stockings Highlights

  • Lightweight fashionable appearance
  • Durable reinforced heel
  • Latex free
  • Advanced knitting structure
  • Outstanding sheerness for beautiful legs
  • Extremely durable material for long-term use

Item # Desc Pkg Price
119776 Natural, Small Pair
119777 Natural, Medium Pair
119778 Natural, Large Pair
119779 Natural, Extra Large Pair
119772 Honey, Small Pair
119773 Honey, Medium Pair
119774 Honey, Large Pair
119775 Honey, Extra Large Pair
119768 Classic Black, Small Pair
119769 Classic Black, Medium Pair
119770 Classic Black, Large Pair
119771 Classic Black, Extra Large Pair

Reasons to Buy BSN Jobst Thigh High Compression Stockings

BSN Jobst Ultrasheer Open Toe Thigh High Compression Stockings consist of 20-30 mmHg compression pressure. This level of medical compression provides relief for moderate to severe swelling and discomfort in the lower extremities. The Jobst UltraSheer Firm Compression Stockings are ideal for women with moderate to severe lower extremity swelling Versatile to don for business, casual, or special occasion wear, and appropriate for year-round therapy. Given below are the more features of Jobst Ultrasheer Compression Stockings:

  • A clever silicone dot border band keeps the stockings in place without pinching or binding
  • Open Toe, lightweight, fashionable appearance, and durable reinforced heel
  • Offers 20-30mmHg of medical compression pressure
  • Comfortable satin-touch yarn softly caresses the user's legs knitted-in silicone yarns in the inner knee welt area improve both comfort and efficacy
  • The perfect combination of comfort, style, and gradient compression therapy
  • Superior moisture-management adds coolness and softness for the skin for high comfort
  • Material consist of: 64% nylon, 24% spandex, 12% silicone
  • Different colors let you mix and match for every occasion
  • Nylon and spandex yarns combined with a silicone blend softener for easier donning and comfort
  • The open toe creates more room and personal comfort
  • This compression hosiery helps feet and legs stay dry, cool, and comfortable for extended wear

Why BSN Jobst Ultrsheer Firm Compression Stockings are Used?

These Ultrasheer Firm Thigh High Compression Stockings are helpful and ideal for users suffering from following problems:
  • Varicose veins during pregnancy
  • Moderate leg and ankle swelling 
  • Orthostatic hypotension and postural hypotension
  • Moderate to severe varicose veins
  • Leg swelling following surgery and following sclerotherapy
  • Relief from moderate edema or lymphedema
  • Help to prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

What to Buy with Jobst Thigh High Compression Stockings?

How to Clean BSN Ultrasheer Compression Stockings?

  • Turn the Jobst Thigh High Stockings inside out before washing
  • Before the main wash, thoroughly hand wash the silicone band using a delicate fabric detergent
  • Concentrate on removing any lotion, powder, hair or other foreign material from the siliconeband
  • Hand or machine-wash with warm water
  • Use mild soap or detergent, or Compression Stocking Washing Solution
  • No chlorine bleach
  • Warm water rinse
  • Do not place in dryer
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Placing your stockings in a mesh laundry bag will help protect them during the wash cycle
  • Hang or lay flat to air-dry

Note - This product can be returned only in case of any defect or any non-medical or medical reaction being caused

How to take Measurement for Jobst Thigh High Compression Stockings?

  1. Ankle Measurement:
    • Measure around your ankle (this measurement is called the circumference)
    • Place the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle, about half an inch above the ankle bone
    • This must always be your first measurement
  2. Calf Measurement:
    • Find the widest part of your calf
    • Measure the circumference of your calf
  3. Thigh Measurement:
    • Find the widest part of your thigh, right under your buttocks
    • Measure the circumference of this part of your thigh
    • Measure leg length
    • Measure the distance from the bottom of your buttocks to the floor


Ankle Circumference

Calf Circumference

Thigh Circumference


7" to 8.25" (18cm to 21cm)

11" to 15" (28cm to 38cm)

15.75" to 24.37" (40cm to 62cm)


8.37" to 9.87" (21cm to 25cm)

11.87" to 16.5" (30cm to 42cm)

18.12" to 27.5" (46cm to 70cm)


10" to 11.37" (25cm to 29cm)

12.5" to 18.12" (32cm to 46cm)

21.25" to 30.75" (54cm to 78cm)


11.5" to 13" (29cm to 33cm)

13.37" to 19.62" (34cm to 50cm)

23.62" to 32" (60cm to 81cm)

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