The Hygenic Corporation was established in 1925. They have expertise in creating the highest quality synthetic and natural latex rubber products.

They produce a large variety of medically needed products under the brand name TheraBand and Biofreeze.

TheraBand products are very popular and durable products that are useful for many applications like resistive exercise and rehab therapy. For years they have delivered great performances for therapists and professional sports trainers.

The Hygenic Corporation is dedicated to manufacture best quality products for best customer satisfaction. They put a lot of research and development ultimate products.

TheraBand products are very useful for rehab therapy patients as they help them exercise different body parts using a variety of TheraBand bands, balls, rollers, pulleys and more. Many TheraBand products are latex free, so they provide best safety while use.
Health Products For You offers a huge variety of TheraBand products at attractive prices and fast shipping options. Products like Exercise Balls, Swim Bars, Kinesiology Tapes, Exercise Tubing, Exercise Bands, Rollers, Progressive Hand Trainer Kit, and many more are available in a variety of colors and resistance options.

Biofreeze brand is a very popular product line of pain relief products. Its unique formula of active ingredient menthol with a synergistic blend of inactive ingredients provides quick relief to patients. It can be used for muscular pains, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain. It can also be used on body joints like ankle, knee, hip, and elbow. Its formula provides quick relief and a long-lasting effect.
Biofreeze products are available in a variety of packaging options like normal Gel, Gel pump, Pain Relieving Roll-On, and pain-relieving spray. HPFY offers a huge variety of Biofreeze products at great pricing.

Where to buy The Hygenic Corp Products online?

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