Molnlycke Health Care is a leading manufacturer of medical products that equip patients and healthcare professionals to achieve the best clinical outcomes. It designs medical solutions for wound management, pressure ulcer prevention, and surgery. Molnlycke products enhance performance at every stage of the care continuum - from the home to the operating room. Some of the common brands of Molnlycke health care are Mepilex, Mepitel, Mextra, Hibiclens, Biogel, Barrier, etc.

Medical Solutions by Molnlycke Health Care

  • Better Wound Care: With innovations in advanced dressings and negative pressure wound therapy, Molnlycke has brought out one of the best ways in which the wounds can be treated. Its constant efforts to find new ways of treating wounds has allowed the healthcare professionals to deliver better patient and budget outcomes.
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention: The pressure ulcer prevention programme of Molnlycke Health Care provides users with proven protection for high-risk areas like sacrum, heel, head, and back. It helps stop needless patient suffering and unnecessary costs with a range of prophylactic dressings and skin care products. All its prevention solutions are backed up with scientific and clinical evidence.
  • Safe and Secure Surgical Solutions: Molnlycke improves safety and efficiency in operating rooms with the help of surgical products like protective glasses.

Types of Molnlycke Health Care Products

Molnlycke Wound Care Products

  • Antimicrobial Products: Antimicrobial products inactivate wound pathogens. They include a variety of dressings like gels, alginates, and foam dressings that fulfill the requirements of the wound. Example: Mepitel Ag, Mepilex Transfer Ag, Mepilex Border Ag.
  • Film Products: Films are self-adhesive, transparent, breathable, and shower-proof. They may or may not have the Safetac technology. They also come in specialized sizes for intravascular devices. Example: Mepore Film, Mepore Pro, Alldress.
  • Foam Dressings: Foam dressings consist of a foam with or without the Safetac technology. They can be an absorbent dressing or a wound contact layer. They can also have antimicrobial properties. Example: Mepilex XT, Mepilex Border, Mepilex Lite.
  • Wound Contact Layers: They are used to protect the sensitive wound bed and to ensure a moist wound environment. Example: Mepilex Transfer, Mepitel, Mepitel One.
  • Alginate / Debrider / Gel Products: These Molnlycke products help debride wounds, support exudate management and add moisture to dry wounds. Example: Melgisorb, Mesalt.

Surgical Gloves

The wide range of surgical gloves includes sterile, powder-free synthetic surgical gloves as well as sterile, powder-free natural rubber latex gloves. They vary in texture and sensitivity to satisfy different comfort and protection needs. Biogel brand of Molnlycke is known for its high quality, technically advanced surgical gloves designed for healthcare professionals. It provides users with high protection and comfort, and feature a superior puncture indication system for increased safety.

Surgical Staff Wear

Surgical staff wear gives the protection a user needs and the comfort he/she wants. Products like Barrier protective eyewear protect the eyes while giving maximum peripheral vision without distortion. They undergo strict testing to ensure that they meet The Joint Commission, ASTM, AORN, FDA, OSHA, APIC, and CDC guidelines and recommendations.


Antiseptics help reduce infection and improve patient outcomes. Hibiclens skin cleanser provides high-quality protection from hospital-acquired infections, surgical site infections, and kills clinically relevant MRSA strains in just 1 minute. Chlorhexidine gluconate, its active ingredient, is known to provide immediate protection with the residual effect of up to 24 hours.