MJM International has been the global leader in the PVC medical products field for over 35 years now, with over 2500 products to choose from. 

Using the best materials available, MJM International customizes products to meet the special needs of disabled patients. PVC products offer many advantages to the medical healthcare industry. Being lightweight, with no rust or corrosion, durability, easy cleaning, and portability are some of the advantages of PVC material.   

MJM International products include shower chairs, commode chairs, transfer benches, hampers, linen carts, walkers, geri-chairs, low chairs, gurneys, and more. 

Some of the products that are offered by MJM International Corp -  

Shower chairs - A shower chair is like a special chair for people who can't stand in the shower for a long time or might slip and fall. It helps older people, those with disabilities, and people who are getting better after accidents or surgery. These chairs have handles that won't make you slip, they're made of strong material that won't rust, and they stick to the floor so you won't slide around. They're designed to keep you safe and comfortable while you shower. 

Commode chairs - A portable toilet chair that can be situated at the bedside of a person with a disability. It is used in situations where the person finds it difficult to reach the toilet. The receptacle can be emptied and replaced after every use. 

Rehab products – In order to help injured people heal and recuperate quickly and effectively, MJM International also focuses on several rehab and therapy products.   

Where can I buy MJM International Products online? 

Health Products For You is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including shower chairs, commode chairs, hampers, carts, gurneys, and much more.  

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