Chattem Inc is a very old manufacturer of medical, health and wellness products. It was established in the year 1879. It is based in TN USA. Chattem Incorporated also manufactures many performance chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are very useful in the industrial and consumer sectors.  
Chattem products are very popular and available in many countries. Products like Diaper Rash Cream, Pain Relief Cream, Hand and Body Moisturizer, Chattem Icy Hot Medicated Patch, Icy Hot Topical Pain Relief Patch, Icy Hot Topical Pain Relief Cream, Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets, Sleep Aid medications and tablets are available at Health Products For You on attractive prices.  

Chattem Incorporated sells great medical products under many brands such as IcyHot, Pamprin, Aspercreme, Unisom, and many more. IcyHot is one of the most popular brands.  
IcyHot product range has many products under its catalog, they come in handy in different applications like No Mess Applicator, Cream, Patches, Sprays, etc. IcyHot uses a very unique and innovative formula to provide quick pain relief that is long lasting and very effective.  
Some of the features of IcyHot products are listed below -
  •  Targeted pain relief 
  •  Works fast 
  •  Nongreasy formula 
  •  Cooling menthol sensation 
Where can I buy Chattem products online?
Health Products For You (HPFY) is an online retailer that specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare and medical supplies, including Chattem products like pain relief items, diaper rash cream, sleeping aid products, and many more.  
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